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Zul-Andra Teleports

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Not My Mule, Dec 18, 2015.

  1. Made 40m buying them out the other day. The prise rose from 6k to 7.5k and I sold them for about 40m profit. EasyScape. They crashed back down to 6.2k~ though
  2. a friend of mine made a similar win on zul-andra's, not so much as 40m but the price increase on the teles was crazy! wish id seen it coming!
  3. Why are they so unstable? Is it affected by amount of people willing to kill Zulrah as a moneymaking method?
  4. Wow good call ! :) I don't know about long-term merch's atm just quick flips.
  5. Thats a crazy nice flip , right place right time
  6. Should've dropped bank on it as soon as the update came
  7. thats a crazy good flip congrats
  8. gz on ur income ;) good luck on more good investments
  9. I played around with these on their price drop back down to around 6k. I was able to buy them for a few hundred gp under trade value because so many people were trying to dump them at a high price for a profit.
  10. Thats really brave of you guys, I've been watching the teleports but since they were so much higher than their average I stayed away from it. It pays to be brave sometimes it seems!
  11. wow teleports are great merching tools? i wonder if tabs are good to?
  12. tabs are okay but they are not the best.
  13. Yeah i barely missed the opportunity to buy them out when they were super cheap when the update to their drop rate was announced :(. Huge opportunity missed.
  14. Dam I should've learnt how to flip when I had over 1k teles.
  15. how is it even possible to buy them out?
  16. Did they change drop rates since those rose in price?
  17. Thats super Awesome! =3
    I am not to great at long tearm flips...but hey i am still learning =3
  18. you havnt missed your opportunity. these teleports are just going to become more rare
  19. That must of been a great flip!
  20. imagine if you kept all them teleports and sold em for 15k each last week ;)

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