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xbox or playstation

Discussion in 'Random' started by mustafa, May 16, 2015.

  1. xbox or playstation
  2. Xbox alltheway!
  3. Playstation
  4. I have an Xbox, but playstation v_v
  5. Neither :p
    Computer for the win :love:
  6. Playstation
  7. Both the same lmao, PC is the only real different platform.
  8. PS4. Graphics are much much better
  9. xbox, better games and better competition in game.
  10. I'm gonna have to go with xbox. Did you see the Hololens? It's incredible.
  11. xbox couse u can play a lot of games and its cost cheap
  12. xbox one but i'm actually looking to sell it going to vegas soon
  13. From those two playstation BUT i like the xbox controller more.
  14. I have a xbox and a playstation and I love them both equalXD
  15. I prefer Playstation. I used to be an Xbox supporter, but Microsoft is lame.
  16. IDK i would say plantation but they both suck now that they both charge for online gaming
  17. Ps3 < Xbox 360 < Xbox One < Ps4
    Xbox controllers are better thought.
  18. i play xbox one for one reason, most of my friends got it

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