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Wilson's Merch Log

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by Wilson, Jun 14, 2015.

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    I stream teaching people how to merch: http://www.twitch.tv/wilsonmagna
    This thread was last updated on November 7th, ~20.2B+ profit update.
    Video-form of merch log:

    I'm always getting asked for advice with merching so I wrote a guide:
    For those wondering how I made my starting money and my goals:
    Part1 video version:


    Hey guys, my name is Wilson. I merched a lot when OSRS came out, took a break, but am back since GE release. I'm kinda lazy so I prefer inactive flipping, hope you enjoy!

    I'm editing this as a go along so there will be more stuff coming.

    3awand.png 3awandsale.png
    This trade took place 1-2 weeks before GE release, it was my biggest flip at the time and really gave me the boost I needed to do what I wanted when GE came out. Note gear in the first picture, I was camping Zulrah to have adequate funds to merch when GE comes out.

    3alongsword1.png 3alongsword4.png
    When GE came out I tried flipping pvm gear such as arcanes and GWD but I also wanted to try out 3a. With GE just having came out no one wanted to do elite 3a trades through GE and tons were still using Zybez. This guy brought in the 3rd long into the game and I bought it from him with an alt. The guy I sold this sword to still has it to this day.

    3alongsword.png 3alongsale800m.png
    One of my first long flips through the GE. I picked up several longs in the ~500M range, using an alt to buy since I lacked GE slots and no one knew 3a GE limits yet. I was able to sell two overnight at 700 and 800M ucs. Funnily enough the guy who bought my first long in GE at 700M messaged me shortly after he bought it and we've been friends since. He sold that long np for like 100M profit.

    3a longs kinda crashed after. When Skip The Gym was hot a lot of focus turned to elys so I sold off my swords for a bit of a loss and flipped tons of elys. I did a ton of ely flips for probably two months but was too lazy to ever take many pics. I pretty much flipped elys starting when they were ~600M GE all the way to its peak at ~930. This was kind of normal at the time to get fast 3-9M flips on elys but within a day it didn't really get over that. Ely was on a steady rise though for like 2 months.
    deleteafter.png elyflipday.png
    This was the day that ely crashed 200M. I did not expect ely to reach 1B, I expected a selloff but I did not expect such a massive drop so I lost a fair chunk but recovered it by calling the bottom. Elys got as low as ~730M that day at which point I tried to buy back all my elys and managing to sell 2 elys 849M uc overnight and resold the rest for ~800M ea.
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    3alongbuy700m.png 3along1bsell.png
    I felt elite 3a was incredibly cheap at the time, with elys having been as high as 930M just recently while items this rare being 200-500M. I managed to flip a long 550-650M but it was taking very long to get ahold of another so I instant-bought one for 700M. It took maybe 2 weeks for me to sell this long for 999M uc, my biggest flip to date at a whopping 299M profit.

    I did attempt buying up tons of 3a plates, legs, and kites with some decent profits but was too lazy to take pics for every small transaction, sorry. 3a plate and legs were ~80M and ~85M when Big Mo came and by the end of the month shot up to ~105M and ~115M so someone must've made a killing.

    3acloakbuy.png 3acloaksell.png cloakfirstge.png
    Thanks Big Mo for injecting so many elite-3a into the game /sarcasm. Before Big Mo there was 0 cloaks in the game, the only cloak that entered the game was taken out by a bug abuser getting banned. In the month Big Mo was around at least 4 cloaks, 1 long, and 1 bow entered the game, that is 0 to 4 cloaks in existence from just that month. I sniped the cloak off the guy who got the 3rd cloak in the game from an elite and it instant-sold for said price in GE. Some called me selling it for that price dumb but looking at prices now was it really? I did give my friend a cut of the profits since he didn't continue a bidding war which would only take money out each our pockets. That long and cloak update on OSbuddy were both mine, that was the long I went on to sell for 999M uc.
    3acloak771buy.png 3acloak800mbuy.png 3acloak701ocbuyplusmoretrades.png
    There was only 4 cloaks in the game and I owned three of them but I got cold feet, was worried about losing 600-900M if this went south. Remember all those guys on Reddit saying cloaks should be worth 1-2B? Just because you own the supply doesn't mean you can get whatever price you like, I tried that with swords shortly after GE release and then again with these. Funny story Skip The Gym wasn't even willing to hold his weapon set he won, with his 20B+ bank he wouldn't even try buying a long off my friend or I. One cloak did manage to sell for 1B in GE before I got to pick some up but they quickly crashed to 900M, 800M, 771M, 701M, then 515M. All in a matter of days.
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    3acloaksell740.png 3acloak699ucsell.png 3acloak689ucsell.png
    I think cloaks are ugly, I prefer swords. I only profited ~100M but it was better than my fear of 600-900M loss. After I unloaded all my cloaks they were able to rise close to 800M so kudos to whoever pulled those off. The person who pulled very good cloak flips and I've seen flipping many elys use 887,420 sig sells and 621,420 sig buys, wonder if it is anyone from here.
    3along715buy.png 3along772ocbuy.png 3along811ocbuy.png
    3along889ucsell.png 3along890ucsell.png 3along899ucsell.png
    Longs were much kinder than cloaks to me. Longs have a special place in my heart, it helped me make big money on GE release and still to this day. Me posting all this might hinder me now though. I saw potential in longs and went for it, it feels great for it to have worked out. I gave in and tried to sell for 900M ucs since the last 3 high sells for long were 900M or less. Who knows, we might see longs go higher. Or lower, these items are quite volatile.
    Here is a little treat for you, the most two recent long trades through GE. I really don't want to update things in real-time though since I'd be killing my flips and merches. This is all for now, I've got more pics but don't always have equal buys and sells to match eachother.
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    I didn't want to post this just yet but other people are already trying to shrink the margins so whatever. Here are some recent flips from the last 48 hours as of this posting: 3along831ocbuytradehistory.png 3along855mocbuy.png 3along821ocbuy.png 3along1bucsellx3.png
    Well this went extremely well, lets just say I owned all the longs and was able to push them close to 1B. Can they go higher? I think so. This play I made gave me a nice ~453M profit boost. Note I failed and lost 16.2M on an ely flip lol. I missed out on the big ely crash the other day.

    They were kinda low and I had some cash lying around so on a whim I just instant-bought a ton to see where they would go. I didn't hold them for long, I wanted the cash for something else. 31,420,383gp profit (1,963,774gp profit/ea) is pretty good I think especially for how fast it took.

    ~71M profit from some ely flips last night, platinum tokens to be released tomorrow as of the time of this posting so I don't want to be holding any elys.

    Continuation of my previous GE history with 881,123,456-948,824,584 long flip.

    I insta-bought two longs and I know whose I bought, this was after cloaks were updating 1B+. I did take a loss on two longs since I want cash for platinum tokens release. Longs can very easily go over 1B.

    Before I sold 3 3a longs for close to 1B ea a week earlier I did own 5 3a longs at once.

    To match my sell offers, this is the first time in a very long time I only own 1 sword left but the last sword is for keeps (unless very generous offer). 228,874,444 gp profit was made on the last 4 longs (taking into account the two long sale losses).
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    I accidentally insta-sold my stock of arcanes so I'm sharing my little platinum token investment. The cheapest arcanes I picked up were under 76M each and when I got back on later in the day they were near 82M. The total profit from these 38 arcane transactions is 124,790,113gp (or 3,283,950gp profit ea).

    My last long finally sold, I missed out on a lot of profit on the longs and bows since people kept shooting for low targets. For the first time in a long time I own zero swords. Only 42,959,425gp profit was made with the 2 bows combined but 166,755,331gp profit on the long so 209,714,756gp profit on the last of my elite 3a.

    I'm ending my elite 3a flipping until prices come down to more fair values and I thought I'd share some of the remaining elite 3a pics I had. 4/27/2015 It put in perspective what prices were like around two months after GE release. I don't have all that many pics of my ely flips since I flipped so many everyday but I can say I made a tiny fortune buying ely sigils and making them into shields myself. In the first two months I made anywhere from 10-70M profit per sigil buy. Sometimes I would have a high sigil buy just so no one can get cheap elys.

    3/6/2015 I sold long to friend for 540M, this is not 540M. I let him pay me back later but later on he just sold it back to me for the price we initially traded at. Although I didn't profit off my friend, it did let me control the supply of 3a longs in early game. My first 3 3a long sales netted me an average of 200M+ profit each. Depending on how the market goes I may not be making many elite 3a flips.

    This is a snapshot after I finished stocking, anticipating elys and arcanes to rebound. I rode the arcane rise 75-84M, sold off my long and bows and went all in on elys. I rode ely rise 740-840M, setting up walls to keep price up and steadily rising.

    All the buys and sells took place today, + 51,584,917gp.

    I finished unloading my elys 10 days after platinum token release for a profit of 662,904,075gp profit, by far my best non3a-investment.

    After finishing my platinum token update merch I was ready to start my next merch: 3a melee plate/leg rise. I instant-bought 12 plates and 8 legs, clearing the stock that was in the GE. The 3a kite and arcanes backfired though.

    The peak of my hoard, valued at 6.1B pricing plates at 110 and legs at 130.
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    Net Gain July 4-24: +1,507,376,135gp.

    I started buying platebodies when it was ~91M in GE and got it to rise as high as ~125M, netting me 660,369,145gp profit.

    I started picking up platelegs at ~107M and got them to rise as high as ~145M, netting a total of 610,378,345gp profit.

    Alongside the 3a plate/leg hoard I also flipped some elys and other 3a. I left out the low profit yields. Net gain from these flips was 236,728,645gp.

    July 25th - August 12 Merch: 3a Longsword Hoard + Cloak/Ely/Lower3a Flips
    Net Gain: +1,473,502,122GP

    I'm going to make a habit of trying to flip more lower 3a if possible so I'm profiting on more different items. I may expand if I have cash and GE slots but for now we'll see how this goes.

    Elys may not always make the most money but I have the cash to spare and I can do it better than almost anyone since I can afford to flip multiple at once.


    And there is the big money, elite 3a. The margins on elite 3a isn't what it used to be but relative to other items it is still superb.

    I don't expect to be able to keep getting these massive profits with the increase in rich players who I now have to compete with and also I've started streaming recently teaching people how to flip and being completely open about my thoughts as well as people being able to see the items I'm currently holding. For those who want to tune in you can find me at http://www.twitch.tv/wilsonmagna
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    Oct.1-24 total profits ~4.6B.

    Longs couldn't break 1B back when there was just a handful or less so I didn't try to get more but the reason why it didn't break that threshold is likely because I was constantly flipping them. After a talk with The Atlantis she convinced me longswords can go for so much higher seeing as I owned the majority of them. And that is when I raised my offer to sell the first longsword for over 1B. Little did I know what was to follow after that threshold was broken.

    Typical cloak flips, despite cloaks being more rare I prefer longswords and believe so does most people so my pricing of them is below longswords.

    Bow margins were pretty weak for how slowly it took to make trades so I tried to go for bigger margins and it went surprisingly well, even seeing upward movement in its price and breaking 500M.

    Here is another attempt at hoarding melee plates plus bulk flipping along the way netting nearly 1B profit in this one item alone.

    Legs didn't profit as much as legs did but still a nice chunk of money. Like plates I hoarded these and flipped along the way to make these profits. I was able to get legs over 150 for a period, another threshold broken.

    I flipped some kites when I had cash to spare, trying for around 1M margins which is about all you can get when it is stable-ish. I didn't try hoarding kites since it doesn't seem like there is much demand for it and in RS3 plate and legs are magnitudes more expensive than kites.

    There aren't too many high valued items in the game so I have to do robe tops too despite not being a fan of the item but others like it. Typical margins on the more expensive third age when its stable, roughly 2M flips.

    sept30elypart1.png sept30elypart2.png
    Very nice profit for non 3rd age, its not really worth flipping these unless you have a lot of money. Percent-wise there are much better items but I have the cash to flip several of these at once while still having cash to flip all the other items I was doing.
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    Nearly 1M margins on arcanes is quite nice given the amount of cash needed and the speed these flips went through.

    Spectrals did much better than arcanes percent-wise thanks to Cerberus release. Uncertainty and figuring a good valuation for the item opened up for massive profits to be made even after the update came out.

    After seeing how well Md3w did flipping dragon full helmets I gave it a shot when the price was trending downward and see what I could do. I had over 30 dragon full helmets at once and was able to unload the helmets at the higher price. This merch took about 2 days.

    Out of the three new boots that came with the Cerberus update I found pegasians to be decent for me due to being able to save money on ranger boots or pegasian crystals.

    I didn't make much off primordial boots, there is less room for profit since dragon boots hardly cost anything. That being said primordials have high demand and saw many big rise/falls.

    I didn't flip many eternal boots due to lack of GE slots and like primordial boots there isn't much gp saved on infinity boots so margins were also less than spectacular.
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    I'm streaming shortly after this post so no time to go into detail but profits from the last three weeks add up to:
    5,140,593,128 GP.

    Testing the waters seeing how much longs could go for but also freeing up some cash.

    Seeing how much longs were rising I suspected cloaks would follow and they did, making me insane profit margins.

    Like cloaks I expected bows to also rise and was able to sell them over 500M+.

    I was a week late to stock up on wands but was able to pick up one cheap wand and flip for a large profit margin.

    Tim tweets God Ash about possibly polling divine which caused panic in the market, with the help of Paul strawpolling what his viewers thought about it I was able to confidently buy into elys knowing that any such poll for divine would fail. I net nearly 400M profit in a matter of days after the poll.

    Some ely flips, margin is significantly less since the item has been fairly stable for a very long time.

    My flips don't always go my way but overall I profited a little on arcanes.

    Spectrals continue to be a good item to flip even weeks after Cerberus update.

    A quick merch buying spears and hastas after Mod Ronan sends a surprise message of corp mass stream,

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    I've never had much experience flipping new items but I did quite well with abyssal daggers.

    Bludgeons didn't do very well, lesson learned that every price update could end up being lower and lower for awhile if an item is grossly overvalued.

    [Log continues post#14]
  11. That's crazy!

    What's your current bank worth?
    Did a lot of your initial money come from staking?

    Looking forward to seeing more logs from you in the future

    Keep it up!

    Nice stuff man! Hope to see you inspire some other users to reach the bills and onwards range!
  13. Holy 3rd age cloaks

    That's impressive dude!
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    I may add some notes later but here are some flips I did while I was pre-occupied with DMM. I've also lost half the trade pics but this is the bulk of it.

    Profits DMM release till New Years: 6,671,780,665

    Longs rose rapidly, faster and higher than expected. I chucked some longs in for max but after seeing how much other elite-3a rose I made the decision to buy out longswords in GE.

    Some cloak flips for big margins, I wasn't very active flipping since DMM release.

    I saw potential for bows to soar, especially seeing the disparity in price relative to cloak/long price. And I was right. I expected them to go even higher but did not anticipate how quickly all my bows could get bought up while I was trying to flip them resulting in all my 900M bows being bought and the item doubling in price.

    Same situation with bows, I knew it could rise but I was surprised just how fast wands rose, shattering 1B threshold and even catching up to bow price for a time.

    Not many flips, I didn't really merch due to DMM.

    Considerably better margins than plates but still not many flipped due to DMM.

    After seeing kites hoarded numerous times and seeing it drop to monthly lows I decided to try my hand with them, besides I like the kites even if others don't. I also wanted to see how high I could get kites, peaking at 73 kiteshields and its price 75-80M. My target was 100M+ each but even after buying all those kites there were still a fair number being traded in the GE.

    Seeing how well plate and legs were doing I thought 150M robe tops were realistic and I did manage to get some decent flips.

    I tried out buying up amulets but trade volume seems low and I suspect the item is hoarded. In RS3 this item is very expensive but from my understanding that is due to it being hoarded, bandwagoned, and never dumped.

    [Log continues post#16]
  15. i still feel poor... so poooooor.
    I really do hope you use those reserved spots, i considered deleting them and then when you needed them you could ask for them opened again..

    but lets see how fast you get those filled! :D
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    The first item in OSRS to sell for over max cash:

    If I sell my other 3 longs I'll upload all my long transactions.
    My next merch video will be out hopefully in the coming weeks or earlier, preferably having the longs sold by then.
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    View attachment 807

    I've never staked in OSRS or swapped rs3 to OSRS. I have swapped OSRS to rs3 though since I make GP so much easier in OSRS taking exchange rates into account. I made 95% of my bank from merching and 5% from bossing. I'm not done yet, I'm kinda lazy with taking screenshots sorry. Here is a bank video I made yesterday though:

    First time making a vid so I was really nervous and stuff. My bank is pretty empty since I try to put all my wealth into making more money. Thanks for the kind words though.
  18. More expensive flips, I love it. I killed the ely margins, time to do the same to 3rd age :p.
  19. Oh no :(
  20. Haha I don't really like to do long term flips. I gotta have that instant gratification. I'm not quite at that point where I have more money than I know what to do with. Soon though :D.

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