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Who are you people

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by htb, Jul 27, 2015.

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    Hey, I'm just curious what everyone's profession and age is on the forums. I remember back in the day RuneScape was filled with teenagers all from Europe and East Coast, USA. So, I was wondering if we're all old school players, playing out of nostalgia. I'm 21, college student.
  2. 20 years old college student here also came back cause of nostalgia, i was only gonna do some flipping but i'm full on addicted again lol
  3. A college student getting back in touch with the old rs
  4. 20 years old about to graduate college after this semester. Getting as much time into Runescape as I can since work is going to start consuming my life.
  5. 17 Years old, in last year of high school. After that going to do university, no idea what I am going to study yet. Started runescape at a pretty low age, didn't play serious tho.
  6. 19 in November, from Australia! I use to study game design
  7. 22 year old just graduated from university (studied Chemistry), came back to old school couple weeks ago but i started playing runescape when i was like 14.
  8. Some dude getting post count req
  9. 18 years old from Ohio! Going to college to be an Information Technologist!
  10. 18 from Cali going into the navy.
  11. 19, currently a Store Manager at a local Vape store, taking a semester off from College for Software Engineering. Came back to osrs specifically for nostalgia, fascination in marketing (like flipping, also studying for business major so it interests me), and hopefully to enjoy the game again after so many ruining RS3 updates.
  12. Just turned 23 lol. I'm usually just into RS for the flipping/merching aspect anymore. However I do quest and stuff. I'm looking into joining the military in the coming months.. So yeah nothing more tbh lol. Played RS since 2003 off and on.
  13. I'm joining the Airforce in just a few months. Already in the D.E.P., so now I just need to wait until my job drops.

    I'm 20 years old from California. I coach and play League competitively, and like to play OSRS on the side because I like having a lot of money.
  14. Nice. What is your job? I haven't depped in yet. Busy with completing my 1st year of community college and losing fat lol.
  15. I'm 20 from Straya. Currently studying Information Technology.
  16. 19 year old college student, working part time at Dillards. seems like we have a lot of college students playing Runescape haha
  17. 21 from Hungary. College studying foreign relations also part time waiter. Started playing rs in 2006
  18. 23 from Missouri. Technical Writer, aspiring poet/songwriter.
  19. live to play rs yo

    all is well
  20. I'm 15 I started playing rs when i was 6. I remember my chicken montage to fight the a farmer like it was yesterday.

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