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What to look for in a item you are thinking of flipping

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by nomilk2day, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Hey guys I am new to the site and flipping overall. I'm looking for a way of making some good money without having to constantly be playing the game and flipping seems like the perfect method for me. I have about 21m in coins I am willing to use for flipping and I'm not asking for exact items but just a general guideline of what to look for when searching for a new item to flip. Also would you reccomend I start with low numbers of expensive items or high numbers of cheap items? How long on average should you wait for an item to sell? What would be a good way of testing an item you think might be good candidate for flipping? Also any other advice you may have to help a new flipper out would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey mate,

    flipping is rather easy when you get the hang of it. The things you have to look for in good flips are margins. First thing thats important to know is that you'll usually have to make a small loss before you can start flipping.
    For instance, try to buy a zulrah scale and sell it again, then check your ge history (top left of ge). there it'll then probably say something like,
    bought: 137
    sold: 135
    in short this means you can buy the scales for 135 and sell them for 137. It works the same with every item in the game.

    to find good flips there are 2 important factors, 1 the GE limit. 2 the amount sold.
    the GE limit is important to see if the flip is worth it, for instance partyhats with a limit of 4 and around 1k marges aren't worth the trouble, to slow, to low margin and to little. zulrah scales like i said above here are because they're a lot quicker and the limit is 30k.

    With 21m it's usually a good idea to start with rather quick stuff, zulrah scales, cannonballs, maple longbows /(u), coal, iron ore. After that you go up to some larger stuff like warrior rings, mud battlestaff, seers rings, d'chains, sara swords, etc.

    Now if a flip really takes to long and it starts crashing try to dump it for the price you bought it for, you will make a small loss now and again but this shouldn't be to big. Also note that you should pick a maximum margin for an item, so for instance you are checking the margins of a BGS which are usually around 10-50k, buy the BGS and then sell it again for say 60k less in stead of -5%. this way you avoid big losses on items which might simply be a temporary gap in margins.

    I hope this covers the basics and you can go on.

    i've made a list of my favourite flipping items here:
    it's a good start but certainly not complete, as i'm not really that active on the site anymore i will probably not update it anymore in the upcoming few weeks/months/years.

    good luck!
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  3. Thanks for this post, really gave me insight

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