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What stats should i aim for to make gp?

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Lemsipz, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. So i just bought my first bond and im struggling a bit with gp now;

    -I am wondering what semi afk methods could i do to make about 500k in 3hours, thats not flipping.

    -Also i wanna aim towards barrows/wyverns, how long does slayer take to level and is combat related methods the best ways to make the money i need? If so what should i aim for thats close to my stats and do it, thank you very much in advance

  2. With your current stats you can craft rubies or diamonds into bolt tips which are super AFK and are around 200-400k an hour depending on G.E prices. Great while watching netflix or waiting for items to buy/sell.

    For future stats I would reccomend getting your slayer up while wearing a black mask for extra damage. Once you get 72 rebuilding is super easy plus you're training your other combat stats as well.

    You're fishing isn't bad I'd reccomend training a little more for that and going for monkfish/karambawans/sharks once its higher level.

    Best of luck.
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    Thank you very much for the perfect reply, i have actually been doing the ruby > tips and it worked well i guess i was just looking for other things but why change something if its not broke i guess :D I know i do have to level slayer i just cant find a good guide on how to its confusing, not sure what combat stats etc i need to start it all i know is that the wyverns are the main goal, also the helmet is 600k is it worth it would i make the money back?

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