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What makes a gamer?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sky, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. Hey guys and gals!

    I just recently had a discussion with someone I know (Wouldn't call him a friend), about what makes a gamer.
    He claimed that you can't call yourself a gamer if you for an example use a lot of time on playing games on facebook such as tetris, dragon city and the various amount of facebook games out there.

    I on the other hand claim that the term gamer is defined by what you do, you play games, nomatter the games you play you are therefore a gamer.

    I would like to know what you think makes a person a gamer?
    Do you have to be a player of specific games to be allowed to call yourself a gamer?.
    Other thoughts.. ??
  2. Play games for an extended amount of time atleast a couple of times a week? It's an interesting discussion actually lol, I wouldn't consider someone playing Facebook games a gamer unless they play it like 6 hours a day and/or play against others on a daily base tbh.
  3. But you would for an example say that miniclips 8ball which is a PvP game, you would call those people gamers right?
  4. i agree it is interesting...for example people who are constantly playing iphone games may spend more time per week than someone playing league or WoW but the people playing the big mmorpg games would be classed as 'more of a gamer' than most - personally i would say that if you solely play games such as miniclip pool etc and have no real attachment to the game then you aren't really a gamer.
    however this is just my opinion :p
  5. Well from what I have read on most sites is that the majority of non-gamers classify people who spend a lot of time playing on computer for longer times of periods as gamers no matter the game. We are gamers ourselfes and we classify gamers in a different way.
  6. its weird isn't it haha....it can be perceived a number of different ways - for example is someone who plays fifa on Xbox a gamer? it's not really the game you typically asosciate with the stereotypical view of a gamer hence i'd be unsure of how to classify that
  7. Well yeah, that's the thing, people define the word "gamer" different ways and therefore it's a pretty interesting discussion.
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  8. I wouldn't call someone who plays a game like Fifa for 5 hours a week a gamer. For me it is really dependent on the game, the amount he plays and his general lifestyle. I can't help but to see being a gamer as a bad thing. Not sure if I'm one actually.
  9. I dont see where the "entitlement" of some gamers comes from........
    A gamer is someone who.. games. Casual, hardcore, day time, night time at work after work 1 hour an evening or 16 hours a day.

    Guess what, its 2015! And gaming is no longer a fringe culture, in fact video games are in their prime, they cater to more audiences then ever - and at the end of the day each fall under the same simple concept of storytelling through interactive immersion.

    Your dad is not a gamer, just because he owns an application compatible phone and tried that one gimmicky app once; because he's never on his own put time aside to put into a video game.

    Your dad is a gamer because when you got zelda for super nintendo and didnt know what you were doing your dad with an open mind gave it a try and didn't stop playing until he'd finished it. When you got your n64 and were finally old enough to play through the new generation zelda game, even though your dad may not have picked it up and played it till the end like you did - he could relate to your progress in game and understood your joy when when you finally finished.

    As for all these imaginary requirements and fine print on who's GAME ENUF TO QUALIFY AS A GAMERR, maybe in the mid 90's before every kid had a console in their living room and a computer with flash in their room. But unfortunately we aren't that unique anymore.
  10. I think for one to be a gamer they must have a passion for playing games, be it any platform as long as they enjoy the time they spend then they are a gamer :D .
  11. A gamer imo is someone who enjoys games...elitist gamers that think that you can only play "good" games to say you're a gamer, is stupid

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