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what is the most profitable skill p2p and f2p?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by East R 19, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. What skills would make me the most money in the shortest amount of time, with a limited cash stack?

    I am currently fishing, but the price of fish has completely crashed.... so I need an alternative.
  2. I hear flecthing and getting 99 mining is best
  3. Flax/Nat running is Okay money and not much money needed, boring as fudge though.
  4. Runecrafting for Nats makes you 600k per hour but you have to be lvl 91 to make double nats which can be very tedious to get there. You can train cooking too but sharks crashed but you can still cook karambwan :)
  5. No I mean nat running, I.e. Running ess. You don't need 91 rc for this.
  6. Runecrafting is best skill for money making
  7. I think fletching is a good money making guide. You start making profit around lvl 55 i think.
  8. Runecrafting is best "skilling" skill. But if you like combat I'd recommend doing some slayer, you will have a ton of money if you stick with it.
  9. rc and hunter are good money makers
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    afk fishing is good

    Farming herbs is good too
  11. Blast furnace is a solid 400K gp+/hr
    Runecrafting is also good if you can handle that.
  12. i have 93 runecrafting on 07.After 91, runecrating is the best skill for money.I am not aware of anything that makes 1m/h
  13. Slayer can make you a bunch of money
  14. Smelting rune bars at Blast Furnace is pretty close.
  15. I was thinking the same as Peff, Slayer. Many of the monsters drop valuable herbs aswell as runite, dragon and other valuable items.
  16. fletching is pretty easy money, usually gets me 100-200k/hr and its fairly afkable
  17. I actually saw someone use a method of following the bots that make planks.. like find ones that are making trips.. set to follow and then you can make your planks and afk follow back.. was pretty neat. starting varrock West.
  18. well if u want some easy money in f2P for start, u should try yew logs in w85 south of fally, most of the time im here alone ;)
  19. I've just got 99 cooking, profited about 6m which is decent
  20. Runecrafting, blast furnace, hunter in that order.

    Slayer makes money in the later levels, but opens many doors for high moneymaking opportunities. Don't neglect your slayer!

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