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What is the biggest achievement to date on your OSRS account ?

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by willreade, Apr 13, 2015.

  1. Mine was making my first million is oldschool after moving from RS3
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    Being in the top 20 in thieving for the first month-ish of Oldschool and getting that dumbass cape lol.
  3. Haha, yeah that was the first skill ever in os to get 99 wasn't it ?
  4. Yeah, I believe it was Sir Bilrach that got to 99 first. I ended up duo pyramid plundering with the guy that got it second lol
  5. Must be.. the 1 bill bank.. I was happy, but you know.. stakers #cleaned
  6. Ahh right, I was still on eoc then, just found out about oldschool a year ago when my mate told me about it after I left eoc. 1 Bil !?! Lucky haha I have 4 mil and I'm proud of that lool
  7. Haha. well.. Most of it is gone now.. ;)
  8. Making 1M, judging from me being f2p nerd it was a fortune
  9. getting 1700 total jeeej :love:
  10. 99 Farming! :)
  11. Turning 5m into 20m in around a week of flipping was a big thing for me
  12. mine would have to be Barrows gloves and 99 hunter pre-eoc
  13. 99 Firemaking!!!
  14. Getting my first firecape ever with 61 range.
  15. Mines would have been getting from 1-20mil from staking in about a hour :p
  16. I have over 2mil now thats mine
  17. Mine would be making the first 25k..
    (Yeah i flipped 25k into 20m in like 2weeks)
  18. Getting 5m I think
  19. Turned ~1B to 5.5B in just a few months of GE being out strictly from merching.
  20. Pff nooob..
    Newest biggest achievement losing 25M because i didnt care about money making and just spend the money randomly as i needed "stuff".

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