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What I Flipped When I Was A Noob

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by htb, Jul 26, 2015.

  1. When I first started OSRS I wanted to get my cash stack up to at least 100k. So I skilled a little bit and got about 10k, with that 10k I tried so many low gp items but it wasn't making any money. So I saw ashes on the floor and out of boredom I picked it up and sold it on the GE and I thought it would sell for maybe 5gp since they're all over the floor. But it was selling for 40gp each at the time. So I decided to try to flip those and pick some up while waiting (1.1k an inventory was great at the time). I eventually found a pattern in the ashes' prices, they always peaked at 50gp and fell down to 20gp. This pattern happened over a course of a week. Once I found that out I started buying thousands of ashes when it fell and sold it when it was peaking. That's when I started to pretty much double my money every week. I haven't done this method in a while and not sure if it still works.
  2. Nice man, i'm going to try this out as they around 40gp atm. Seems like the perfect way for starting out.
  3. thats crazy nice observation
  4. I'm willing to bet those fluctuations are no mere coincidences. Someone who wishes to train their herblore is buying out the ashes, causing the prices to rise temporarily. Once their intended supply is obtained, the price goes back down.
  5. Roughly how much money did you end up making from doing that?
  6. good idea just like actual stocks might try on some items
  7. Thats a really great idea thanks man.
  8. good guide yeah i used to do this in rs3 all the time
  9. So does it still work or not? Might give it a go..
  10. nice review,could help lots of players with idea.
  11. I love when items have a "set" value of what they will sell for. I actually found an item that yields a 10% return, and I instant-buy it and high-sell it.
  12. I didn't think of merching that b4. I might give it a try now.
  13. Nice guide man :)il definately give a try
  14. Nice thinking man! This sounds like a great way to start out for players who dont already have a lot of money, but tons of patience.
  15. Nice moneymaking method you havee there. Seems like easy way to start
  16. Always wondered why some people following My fm making trails. Who buy ashes and for what end?
  17. Wouldn't posting this publicly crash the method? I'd think that as little as 2-3 additional merchers could cause the method to fail, but I could be wrong. Can anyone confirm if this still works?
  18. Why people buy ashes? (yes im a complete noob)
  19. I'm fairly sure the main reason is to train herblore, but I could be wrong.
  20. Pretty sure they're used for herblore, yeah. And some type of minigame, maybe?

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