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What are the essential flipping items?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OrcaaNinja, Jan 30, 2016.

  1. I've been flipping nature runes right now. Is there anything like those that are consistent?
  2. People generally keep their golden gooses secret, because the more people who do them = less profit and more time to do the item.

    However, for some essentials -

    When you start flipping. Always always always check the margins on:

    Nature Rune
    Cosmic Rune
    Death Rune
    Chaos Rune
    Yew Logs
    Maple Logs
    Zulrah's Scales
    Steel Bars
    Iron Ore
    Tuna Potatoes

    Just to name a few. There are much better items than these which always have great margins, but they are always treated as a sort of 'vet flippers secret'.

    Only flip these items if they have a good margin. Because sometimes margins collapse and you end up stuck with 20k of an item. The margins will correct themselves over time, but the goal is to sell them off as quick as possible, for the most profit as possible.

    Example: Chaos runes have a margin of say, 97gp-102gp. I buy 12k chaos runes at 97 gp, and after 15 minutes, chaos runes aren't selling for 102 gp. I have 5gp of breathing room to adjust prices and still make a profit. It is more profitable to take a price cut and dump a product, than it is to hold onto an item for 30+ minutes for margins to repair themselves.

    ^^^^ This is mostly true on high volume low price resource items. Big items like best-in-slot gears have different rules
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  3. addy darts and zulrah scales are really good to flip in the short term but never buy them overnight as they change in price so often
  4. depends on how much money you got zulrah items are good(blowpipe,serp helm,fang) and ofc barrow items sometimes u got to find the right one tho
  5. thx for tips gravoc and others
  6. All the runes, raw materials and ammunition I think those are the best.
  7. Thanks for the advice guys! Hopefully I can find something unique with a pretty good margin too.
  8. Make sure you check the basic items listed above and try to find some other items that are less used.
  9. Thanks for posting guys just started flipping due to being cleaned
  10. Flip items that are needed for tasks like slayer or things like pvm and pking all or most potions all high level foods and weapons/ammo!

    good luck!!

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