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Welcome email error and feedback

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by CallMeJosh, Mar 8, 2016.

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    The link provided goes to a 404 page, where it says the link can be found it not true as it's now a drop down, which is still a 404 page. I assume this is something that has since been removed and should now be deprecated from the welcome email and the menu bar.

    While I'm here, I have some feedback on the wording of the email because it ticked me off :).

    Below is the current state of the welcome email:
    Here are my amendments, I will try to outline each reason at the bottom.
    • First paragraph was changed as the original was badly structured.
    • General information was changed so it wasn't such a huge block of text. It still contains the same information (except username), it's smaller, easier to read and semi-future proof. I removed the RS username as I felt it's not worth being there and not adding to anything.
    • Introduction comment was changed to be more welcoming.
    • Questions comment was changed to include links to how do it.
    • Signing off was changed to indicate the website is ran by a team and not a single person - it's also generally a lot nicer.
    • Moved away from the whole "click here to do XY", everyone knows what a link is so you shouldn't need to tell people to click - if you do then it's a bad design.
    Now that's off my chest I can smile and look for the next post to hate.

    Side note; I wasn't allowed to submit ANY links in this thread which makes it very hard to express where any links should be. I have wrapped them around **text** to indicate a link and hopefully you can work out what that link should be.

    It took me forever to submit this thread because the error message for not being allowed to post links isn't very helpful, in the error message please explain why the post may be considered spam. It took me a lot of attempts to find out you're not allowed to submit links or even a plain text domain, even if they're internal links which is extremely odd. I checked the forum rules and do not see this listed there either.

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