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We need YOU!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ryan, May 21, 2015.

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  1. We need YOU!

    Hello everyone!

    As many of you may have noticed, the site has grown like crazy the past few days:
    • Over 100 New users in 24 hours (over triple the previous best day, which was when it launched).
    • Over 6,000 pageviews, five times what we where achieving 3 days ago!
    • A steady 20-50 users online at all times!
    We will be releasing a steady stream of updates (as I will have more disposable income as the site grows) for the website including many of the requested topics in the Suggestions forum. This is where you come in:

    Promoting Lets-Flip.com
    A forum is only as good as the content provided by its users. I have provided a powerful flipping and merching tool and will continue to promote the site on my livestream. But I need help from YOU!
    • Tell friends about us! Do they want to make money on RuneScape too?
    • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ ! We have share buttons on all pages of the site, even this post!
    • YouTube! Do you want to start making RuneScape content? We can help promote you!
    • Communities! Are you a member of a RS Community like Zybez? RSPS? Bots? Large gaming forum? Let them know!
    • Skype, MSN, E-mail! Let the world know about what you have discovered!
    Any and all promotion is welcome! Exposure is important and the more people we can get to give their feedback on our site, the better we can make the overall experience!


    Now, it wouldn't be fair to ask all of this from you without giving back something in return. As mentioned above we will be checking the suggestions forum for possible updates and (hopefully) providing some exclusive content to those who really want to be a part of this experience:
    • Alch for Profit. This is a chart that will list all items (live prices) that you can buy and High Alch for a profit. GE limits will also be listed, with total profit once the stack is completely alched.
    • Sets for Profit. Lots of RuneScape items now come in sets, there will be an automated chart showing users the best sets to make and the profit you get from combining them. (Putting a Red, Green and Blue H'ween into a Mask set for example).
    • Decant for Profit. Highly subjective. A chart that will show decanting of both potions and jewelry for profit. Expect 200-500k per potion.
    • Skilling for Profit. Much like OSBuddy, a chart listing all sorts of options on making profit by skilling, per skill.
    Now, this is subject to change. However, what is listed above will NEVER be 'Pay2Win' charts that users can pay for. They will ONLY be accessed by those who have promoted the site, and aided in its growth! Multiple users would destroy most of these charts, so its only for the select few who prove themselves to want it the most!

    How to get the Rewards?

    Simple, when a user signs up get them to put your username in the 'Referral' field. Or simply link me to the post on the community and I will make a note! Get going people, lets make this happen!
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  2. Alch it for profit seems sweet
  3. I'll see what I can do to spread the word.
  4. Looks pretty damn dope to me! :D
  5. sounds like a great idea :) the alching for profit would be really good to do whilst flipping as would the decanting and making item sets!
    i also see you added bots GKappa very interesting...
    can't wait to see them!
  6. Really love the idea of the alch profit chart
  7. chance of reviewing alch profit chart before any1 else ;)
  8. Still looking for suggestions.
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  9. I used to use skilling charts all the time, years ago. I would love it if you could remake them. I would love for this site to expand. It's a great site so far and you seem to be making it even better.
  10. Smithing for profit (making knives and other stuff can be profitable) as the osbuddy efficiency calculator only includes platebodies, gold bars and cannonballs.

    Maybe a Crafting jewellery / enchanting for profit chart
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  11. Like the above suggestions; i found that sometimes making items as a dd into a dds can make profit :)
    So making items into other items for profit (somehow shown through a chart) would be cool.
  12. the skill charts @Charlie made could be implemented or more made - and updated/changed if necessary i found them really useful in terms of choosing which 99 to try and obtain to maximise profits/xp rates etc
  13. Well I know I'm new and I haven't done much to my profile, but I'm about to start advertising for you. Time to stop being a stalker. Let's do this.
  14. Glad to see someone so willing to help! Hope you have the contacts to push us to the 2,000+ members mark! :D
  15. I think I can. I usto play a lot and was pretty well known. Just started back up about a month ago. This is also my first time flipping, and I love it. I have a YouTube account with 1,000+ subs and a lot of popular accounts on other forums, I just have to remember all my account names and passwords haha. I'll start working on it when I get off work. Get ready to see a lot of me around here
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  16. I would love to see skilling for profit as it doesn't take away from people finding decanting margins on their own or anything.
  17. The more active forums come from the mandatory 5 post count, which doesn't even give you access once you get the post count. I'm sorry but I refuse to promote/advertise for this website where the staff imposes a rule that doesn't even work and supports it as if its marshal law.
  18. #18 Five, Jul 26, 2015
    Last edited: Jul 31, 2015
    It works perfectly fine. 5 HQ posts is not hard to make! the reason why people are losing a lot of post count is because they spam.
    (Do you even understand how much money it costed to make the chart? It costed a lot, but it's still here for free.)
    You will get access to the chart after maximum 24 hours if you have 5 post count.
    I've checked a lot of users and they have not waited 24 hours, please don't be so extremely impatient.

    Yes, we punish members if they spam. Live with it. Spam is not tolerated!
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