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Ultimate Tanning hides method (Elf City) [7M PER HOUR!]

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Caelan, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. This method can be up to 7m/hour (depending on ge prices)

    The first thing you want to do is work out the splits between hides and leathers, the way to do this is as follows:

    1. Buy 1 of each dragon hide (green, blue, red, black, royal)
    2. Write down each price that you bought them for
    3. Take them to the tanner (South-Western part of the city) and tan the hides
    4. Sell the leathers back to the ge and write down the prices
    5. Take the price of each hide (+20 gp to tan them) from the leather to work out the profit per hide

    To set up before running, this is what I do:

    1. Buy some untanned hides from the GE (I usually buy as many as I can, but it depends on your cash stack). The one you buy depends on the splits as I mentioned above.
    2. Buy some mint cakes from the GE (usually about 500-600 each). Alternatively, you could get them yourself by using the Hefin agility course.
    3. Set 2 bank presets with weight reducing clothing (wicked armour, boots of lightness, death etherral pieces etc) and a full inventory of hides, except in the second one have a mint cake as one of the spaces. Have these presets set to 1 and 2 on your keyboard
    4. Use the mint cake on your action bar (if you are on EoC (I use slot 1 personally)). When you run out of run energy, press 1 to eat the mint cake and fill your energy again. This usually happens every 550 hides or so.

    The method for actually running the hides:

    1. Set up bank presets and gear as above.
    2. Go to the bank nearest to the tanner outside of the harps (zoom your camera out all the way so you can see the tanner and bank at the same time)
    3. Load preset and right click the tanner to tan hides. On the way to the tanner, right click the bank BUT DO NOT CLICK "BANK" YET!
    4. Once on the tan hides interface, press spacebar at the same time as clicking the bank to run back to the chest. This is the most efficient way to do it because it only uses one tick to tan the hides instead of 2, which means its twice as fast.
    5. On the way back to the bank, right click the tanner and HOVER OVER the tan hides option. Once the bank interface loads up, press 1 on your keyboard (or 2 if you need mint cake) and click the tan hides option at the same time. This is done for the same reason as before.
    6. Repeat steps 3-5 until all hides are used up.
    7. Go back to GE and sell tanned leather for profit

    Using this method, I can tan roughly 12.5k hides per hour, which can be up to 7m per hour (depending on splits).

    Thanks for reading, I hope this works for you :)
  2. this guide is amazing.
  3. Gonna try :) but i need higher crafting
  4. Thanks, it means a lot :)
  5. I did this before Double XP Weekend in February. I gave my account membership and started with no cash. I slowly obtained cash, and made 3M in total on the first day of my account from doing this. I did it in Al-Kharid though, but nonetheless, tanning hides is really good money.
  6. Ya totally dude, i love that stuff, that is like my favorite thing besides of course like body sprays and chicks with large breasts!
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  7. Hmm ive never looked at tanning hides as a reliable money maker but maybe I should try
  8. This is brolic omg thanks!
  9. Thanks for this guide will be using in the future
  10. thanks will be using this for few easy mil
  11. This seems intense is it really 7m/hr?
  12. That's a lot of cash per hour, might give it a go
  13. That's a lot of cash per hour seem that alot more people should do it
  14. sounds not real , but il try it , thanks buddy
  15. is there good money in doing this on osrs?
  16. current working? and how much cash/hour with current prices
  17. is this method still viable? also what color hides do you recommend using atm
  18. Seems to be that the portable method would give more profit? (Join portables fc, find a crafter, tan hides instantly without even moving from the bank.) Set up a bank preset with the hides and the crafter visible from the bank window, right click on the crafter and click tan hides as you are hitting 1, and hold space. Then repeat.
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  19. thank you so much for this!!!!
  20. Good feedback, I might have to give this a try :eek: thanks

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