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Ultimate Ironman Progress. Going for 99 fletching

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by Five, May 30, 2015.

  1. #1 Five, May 30, 2015
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    Week 1
    It has now been almost a week since i started my ultimate ironman.
    My only goal on this account is to get 99 fletching, but i need some items before i can start the real grind.
    - Rune axe (to chop logs faster).
    - full graceful (for running to the general store to sell my bows).

    i am starting the grind for full graceful when i get my rune axe.

    You can get rune axe from skeletal wyverns, lava dragons, tree spirits or by smithing it.
    I am obviously not going to get the slayer level for skeletal wyvern.
    Mining and smithing rune is going to take forever.
    lava dragons are to risky.

    So i went with tree spirits:
    I needed some food to kill them so i got the fishing and cooking lvl for lobsters.
    I also needed fairy rings to teleport to them (BKQ). This required me to do fairytale part 1 and starting part 2.

    I tried to kill the tree spirits the moment i got my fairy ring teleport, but it didn't go very well. So i ended up doing the 5 quests i needed to store my cash at NMZ, before i started to loot the lava maze for steel platebodys to get enough cash for rune chainbody, rune longsword, adamant platelegs and adamant full helm (no shops sells rune helm and i didn't feel like grinding for rune platelegs).

    This is where i am now:
    • The Knight's Sword
    • The Restless Ghost
    • Rune Mysteries
    • Vampire Slayer
    • Druidic Ritual
    • Fairytale Part 1 - Growing Pains
    • Fight Arena
    • Lost City
    • Nature Spirit
    • Priest in Peril
    • Waterfall Quest
    • Witch's House
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    It's time to kill tree spirits for my rune axe.
  2. good progress! it will be a nice goal to achieve, once you get 55 mage and the runecrafting levels, would you contemplate crafting and alching the bows for some gold?
    you can also get it off a level 3 clue but that's probably out of the question too :(
  3. Idk if i want to do alching. It's going to take forever to get enough pure/rune essence.
    I have to mine the essence then make the runes, over and over and over and over and over... forever >_>
    (the only monster that's worth to kill for the essence is skeletal wyvern... and i don't want to get that slayer lvl)
    I might get like 5k nature runes from tree spirits. They drop a good amount of nature runes (they are common and rune axe is rare),
    (i might save those for magic longbow and alch them for cash).

    I am most likely going to sell my bows to the general store.

    Yeah. I am not going to do lvl 3 clues for rune axe >_<
  4. make sure you get a looting bag also :p not sure if you haven't already but it doesn't look like it on the pictures.
    i'm not suggesting you grind out level 3 clues for them, but if you were to come across a level 3 clue you'd just drop it? haha!
    you could always use nats for superheats if you needed to get rid of the slot but with looting bag i doubt it would come to that and they're quite handy.
  5. My goal for now is pretty much to grind tree spirits for rune axe, then full graceful. So i am probably going to get a looting bag to store my armour and rune axe in until i get my graceful.
  6. sounds like a plan - if the armour and axe is in looting bag, does it still contribute to your weight?
  7. Nope :D that's the nice part. It's going to make agility so much easier.
  8. that's awesome...you going to get it from druids? would probably help you get a start with herblore too
  9. Update - Week 2, Day 1
    I finally got my rune axe and a decent amount of nature runes from tree spirits. It's time to get myself a looting bag and start the graceful grind.
  10. not quite the 5k but a fair amount indeed! i wish you the best of luck and feel a bit of pity on you with the 260 marks man!
  11. Congrats on finally getting that freakin rune axe.
    Goodluck with the agility grind ;)
  12. Update - Week 2, Day 2

    I was pretty inefficient today. I was busy questing on RS3 (only 2-3 more quests for quest cape) and doing irl house work, but i managed to get agility lvl 40 and 43 marks of grace. I think i need 260 marks of grace to get the full outfit, so i am gonna try to get at least 50 a day from tomorrow (I don't have to much school work, but i have some, and you know: school > Runescape. So i might not be able to get 50 a day).​
  13. you can afford boots/cape now which give -4 weight :)
    are you going to wait til 260 or get it in installments? because the weight loss will help whilst you're doing the agility itself
  14. Nice agility need to start that aswell running is horrific without graceful :|
  15. Update - Week 2, Day 3

    I got my first graceful part and went form agility lvl 40-42. Didn't train much yesterday because i was questing on RS3 (I only need one more quest for quest cape, but i need 75div to do it).
    I got a science presentation i need to finish today, so i am probably not going to train much today either.​
  16. Awesome Work on the graceful piece, im too lazy to get it at the moment but good luck on the rest of your grind ;). Good luck with 75 divination aswell :p
  17. I have full gracefull and I can tell you it's one hell of a grind! Really nice, unique idea for a thread so keep it up!
  18. Looking so fucking epic compared to my own ironman.. i feel like im so bad at this game now :/
  19. Thanks for the posts above ^_^

    Update - Week 2, Day 4 and 5

    So i think i forgot to update this thread yesterday. I update this thread in a weird way. I either update it in the morning before i start playing or at the evening before i go to bed (like now), thats why it says i updated it yesterday, but this picture is actually two days of progress.

    I didn't do much yesterday, maybe 4 marks of grace or something, i used most of my time on a science presentation.
    I grinded a lot today and got another graceful piece. The legs, which costs 60 marks of grace.
    I will hopefully be able to start the 99 fletching grind this weekend :)
    (i only need the boots, gloves, cape and hood. (145 marks of grace))​
  20. level 48 agility... my main ain't even that high.

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