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turning grimy herbs into unfinished pots

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by etumennis, Mar 24, 2015.

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    What I mean by this is where you buy a grimy herb like say harralander and clean it then put it in a vial of water and then resell and you can tend to make a 50-100 gp profit per herb/vial mixed.
    The presets for this would be having completed druidic ritual quest, 12+ herblore level for tarromin and up, and roughly 20k+ coins to start.
  2. Nice method, you should mention the use of presets to speed up this method and possible herb level requirements, other than that great guide
  3. updated it with what you should start with
  4. this is a great starter guide
  5. thanks for the compliment
  6. I love to make money of lazy players kappa
  7. Nice guide, but do people buy (unf) potions?
  8. People normally buy them in bulk however if you are trying to sell them at flip prices it could take a while for them to sell. Not all of the unf pots are recommended in training guides so you may want to explore around first
  9. nice method never though really about it you could make much profit from it i guess
  10. I'll try this now!
  11. i know ive done this method from herb level 12-30ish with 2m ish profit :3
  12. Not bad for people with low cash stacks to get them started.
  13. What herbs? Nice guide btw
  14. Exactly what I was thinking ;s
  15. Always wondered best way to profit from herblore without gathering the herbs constantly
  16. yes they do buy unf potions
    all herbs from tarromin up generally work you just have to check the prices
  17. Wouldn't it be better to just clean them and sell? herbs like avantoes make 300 gp per clean rn.
  18. sometimes the cleaned herb makes more but most of time the profit from the unfinished pots is more
  19. Hey do you have the rate/hr?
  20. I've done this method. Varies highly based on the current market, any rate you hear is valid for a few hours, max.

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