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Turning 3-dose potions into flasks

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by Pepsi, Mar 24, 2015.

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    This method does require some starting money and no stats are needed to use this method.

    A good example of this would be saradomin brew flasks.
    1) First you would buy a saradomin brew flask then sell it to find the instant buy and instant sell.
    2)Then you would buy a saradomin brew (3) and then sell it.
    3) buy and sell potion flask
    Record all of these prices then you would calculate how much it would cost to instant buy 2 saradomin brew (3)s and add that amount to the instant buy price of a potion flask if that amount is less than the instant sell of the Saradomin brew flask then you can make profit almost instantly.
    4) make Saradomin Brew flasks your inventory will include 9 potion flasks and 18 saradomin brew (3)
    5) Enjoy a bit of profit

    This method is most effective using presets
  2. this is exclusively rs3 no?
  3. Well I looked this up the other day on osrs and to be fairly honest, since GE has come and you can decant potions, it makes absolutely no gains.
  4. Decanting can be done on both however potion flasks are on rs3 which usually makes profit as it takes time
  5. yeah i know that decanting are on both, was just saying that after GE came to osrs it's not worth it on there. barely any profit if any.
  6. Was responding to the question about rs3 exclusiveness mainly but sometimes you can make profit decanting on osrs just may take some time to find the potion :p
  7. think im gonna try this out
  8. i might try this on my rs3 acc
  9. I dont play RS3 but thanks
  10. Might hop on rs3 to try this out
  11. i usually use prayer potions (4) and decant down to (2)
  12. People buy 2-doses of prayer potions?
  13. thanks going to try
  14. Hah thats quick profit
  15. does this still work?
  16. good technique
  17. It does still work, also works on other potions than saradomin brews
  18. rs3 money making? attempted to do on oscl0l
  19. This works quite well, I usually check most of the common pots.. Prayer Pots, Sara Brws, Super Attack & Str.. sometimes I can make an easy 100-200k of this... ;)

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