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Train atk or str first?

Discussion in 'Guides and Tips' started by Jenzeman, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. when training melee you obviously want to have max dps. Is it better to train one stat over the other? Or is it best to keep them around the same level?
  2. I suggest training str before att. I have always kept strength 10 lvls above attack.
  3. I always keep them around the same until 60 so I can use dragon weapons, then I mainly focus on str.
  4. I agree with Kektus. You will hit a higher dmg with more str.
  5. I did 1:1 ratio until 70 attack then just stuck to strength until 80.:)
  6. depends if you're going for a pure build, or you're eventually going to max out both? If you're going for a pure, I'd do a 1:1 ratio till you're at 50/60 att, then str all the way to 99 :)
  7. I usually keep strength 5 to 10 above attack. just keeps the hits higher.
  8. I believe the most efficient way to train max melee is to simply get 70/70/70 and then using a whip max on controlled via slayer.
  9. train defense first u get hit less :)
  10. Ive always heard that you train str first for faster xp. I personally keep them close, within around 5 levels of each other.
  11. If you train str first you'll hit harder getting you more exp quicker when training attack, as long as you're not training against mobs with high defense.
  12. Best to keep them same level roughly, balance it a bit
  13. I would say do attack, then do double your level with strength until you get both to lvl 60, then do strength around 5-10 lvls higher, or if you want to be a pure, then go with just strength after lvl 60
  14. IMO it depends on your Attack level. Past 60 I'd train Strength up higher but say you're close to either 40/60 Attack (weapon milestone) , it would be better just to get it as higher tier weapons give more accuracy and Strength bonuses meaning there's a good chance your max hit will go up a bit anyway.
  15. Maybe past 40/60 you should train str more
  16. i always train attack first and then goes to str, like 30 att and then 45/50 str :)
  17. Strength determines the amount you will damage against the enemy. Keep atk and str balanced until 40 on both, then train strength to 60 if f2p.

    If you are a member, do balanced until 60/60. Then get your str to 70.

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