[Tip] Collecting Herblore Secondaries for Money Making

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  1. Hey, a quick tip for those looking for quick ways of getting money.
    Note that these methods are purely for money and will not get you XP.

    We're going to be looking at these two items:
    Snape Grass
    Mort Myre Fungi

    Snape Grass is used commonly with Ranarr to make Prayer potions which are key for PKing. Mort Myre Fungi are used with Avantoe to make Super Energy Potions which are a cheaper version of Stamina potions.

    Of these two, Snape Grass has fewer requirements to collect. There's two common spots to collect them, south of the Crafting Guild, and on Waterbirth Island.

    We're going to be using the Waterbirth Island method.

    Essentially, there are no requirements except a bit of initial money that you will need, so this isn't something you can do from scratch unless you have completed the Fremmenik Trials and the Easy Fremmenik tasks.

    1) Have an inventory with 10k gold, or any denomination of 1,000 and a teleport tab to a safe-zone (varrock, lumbridge, or use your home teleport spell) and nothing else (maybe stamina potions if you can afford them).
    2) Teleport to Camelot (don't do this on W45 as there are probably clans waiting there.) Alternatively, take the boat from Sarim to Karamja then charter to Ardougne.
    3) Run all the way up to Relleka.
    4) If you haven't already, start the Fremmenik trials, it will allow you to use Seer the Peer as a deposit box by talking to him.
    5) Talk to Jarvald on the Western-most dock, charter to Waterbirth island for 1,000 coins unless you have Fremmenik trials complete.
    6) There are 6 Snape Grass spawns immediately next to him. THIS ISLAND IS NOT A SAFE ZONE, YOU CAN BE ATTACKED. However, talking to him and choosing the first option will INSTANTLY get you back onto the dock at Relleka, which is a few steps from the safe-zone.
    7) DROP your coins and teleport tab on the ground.
    8) Talk to Seer the Peer, and get him to deposit all your stuff for you. If you have the Easy tasks completed, you can right click and select the Deposit Items option. NOTE: If you complete the quest you will HAVE to do the diary otherwise he won't deposit your stuff for you!
    9) Pick up your coins (and teleport tablet if you brought one).
    10) Go back to the island and repeat.

    Now then suppose we can sell them at an average of 500 (supply/demand always matter of course), a full inventory without a teleport tablet of 27 takes about 3 minutes to do if you're walking. That's 13.5k an inventory. You can easily do about 20 trips like this.

    Now the costs are:
    Camelot teleport tab - 2k
    20k for the trip -> total cost of 22k

    You grab 20 inventories of Snape Grass, 27 per inventory * 5 = 13500 * 20 = 270,000 - 22,000 = 248,000 per hour.

    The second method for Mort Myre Fungi has much higher requirements but it's well worth it if you don't get PK'd in the process as it can net you over 450k an hour.

    You need to have the following quests complete:
    Canifis Series:
    The Restless Ghost
    Priest in Peril
    Nature Spirit
    Fairy Ring Series:
    Lost City
    Fairytale I
    Fairytale II

    Temple of Ikov
    A high number of prayer points, preferably around at least 30-40.

    The steps are detailed below:
    1) You'll be wearing weight reducing boots of lightness, a blessed silver sickle (from Nature Spirit), and a Dramen Staff.
    2) Start at West Varrock Bank, and run towards the Fairy Ring. Use code C-K-S.
    3) Run South until you hit the grotto at where you completed the quest. Near the grotto are sets with 2-3 undead logs. Find a spot with at least 2 of them next to each other in a 3x3 square. Cast bloom over and over and collect the fungus that spawns. If you run out of prayer points, cross the broken bridge into the grotto and recharge there, you'll get some bonus prayer points as well.
    4) Either tele-tab out, or run back to the fairy ring and deposit.

    If you have a high number of prayer points you can easily get a full inventory in a minute. Between the running around however, it averages out to about 15-20 runs an hour as well. Even if you only do 12 hours a run that's still about 450k an hour.

    Good luck, hopefully you don't run into PKers. Try and sell it in batches on Zybez as soon as possible and obtain items for the deposit box.
  2. If you want to avoid PKers, either have a few sara's on hand (sunk costs) or do it at like 2am EST lol

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