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Things to do while you merch?

Discussion in 'Random' started by avi, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. post on here, read RS guides, or whatever skills you can do at bank... herb, magic, fletch
  2. browsing the web while listening to music is what I do
  3. I usually scroll hunt.. I like doing scrolls it's fun
  4. I like to work on my main acc.. I set up new goals
  5. I've never really tried barrows either but I would like to try it soon
  6. Spotify is your best friend :p
  7. Listen to audiobooks on youtube. Dune is on there :D
  8. I will most likely just skill, or possibily boss. It depends on the time of day i suppose.
  9. Alch, fletch, craft or herblore :D?
  10. the best thing to do while merching - sleep.
  11. yup, either log off and do irl stuff for a bit or listen to some jams
  12. I used to go do slayer or something but it became too much due to the fact I teleported to the G.E everytime something bought/sold.
    Find it better now to watch stuff/ play something else and come back on every 10 minutes or so.
  13. Nothing better than a quick farm run! or maybe a quick walk around the beautiful island of karamja!
  14. watch tv shows
  15. I do a range of stuff,
    Sometimes I play other games. I sometimes watch TV shows etc (Star Trek Voyager, for like the 8th time) Browse interwebs...all sorts!
  16. Play other games, fall asleep, eat food, level up other skills :)
  17. Beat it like it stole something
  18. Generally I'll watch some Youtube videos in Cytube with my friends or browse different sites with StumbleUpon. I've been glued to my computer for hours because of that site.

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