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Things to do while you merch?

Discussion in 'Random' started by avi, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. When I merch I just don't care about xp, and usually browse 9gag or watch tv series. When I train - I train. When I merch - I merch.
  2. i play league of legends while i flip. dual monitors op
  3. I prefer fletching while i flip.
  4. I firemake, keeps me focused and i get to do a skill i would otherwise not do right where its suppose to be done
  5. Cooking or fletching those things are good to do while merching imo :)
  6. Whilst things are buying/selling in GE I tend to do barrows or slayer just to make some extra cash on the side other than that I would be watching Ryan's stream
  7. netflix & runescape are like pb&j
  8. Watch netflix. Started the league, a lot of my items sell/buy by the end of an episode.
  9. lol thats what im watching while i skill/merch atm.
  10. i think one could try going out while merchs go
  11. Whenever I'm merching, It's most likely I'm also skilling like most people.
  12. Watch a movie lol. I have two monitors for that
  13. woaaah, you gotta be lvling agility whilst you alch obviously
  14. Cleaning herbs just feels so good as it's so fast xp, good profit and easy to do. In case I don't feel like playing I study and do the homework or watch some youtube videos.
  15. Study, always always study lol. I more merch while I study than do something while merching haha
  16. High alch for profit/exp and watch Netflix for sure.
  17. you could get 99 cooking lmfao
  18. netflix all day and night man. so easy
  19. I watch Twitch streams, usually Ice Poseidon. Laughing + flipping = positivity and you stop worrying about how long flips take.
  20. playing hearthstone works for me

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