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Things to do while you merch?

Discussion in 'Random' started by avi, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. I get side tracked when i merch and tipicly troll ppl around the G.E. but seeing as this is an xp waste and i hate fletching i need ideas.
  2. You could sit there and clean herbs for herblore xp, although it is almost as boring as fletching.
  3. ye like i can get a knife and cut myself as well =p.
  4. cut diamonds into bolt tips, its a dec profit as well
  5. Honestly, I flip when I'm really bored with nothing to do. Usually some random times in the day. I watch videos on netflix or listen to music and browse some sites.
  6. I knew someone would think that. ;)
    I won't lie, sometimes flips take so long that I do resort to human recycling, but mainly it's just random noise on reddit every now and then.
  7. I personally have netflix on my other monitor and play another game on steam that requires little work and you can tab from like: Fez
  8. I usually end up watching youtube videos or netflix.
  9. I usually watch Netflix, youtube videos (mostly pking lool), alch or "washing the bird" as fast as I can multiple times a day ( which is normal, right? right)
  10. Anything that is really afk. Cut bolt tips, smith cannonballs/dart tips, and cooking are some of my favorites.
  11. Of course buddy! Wash it till it hurts :p
  12. You learn that Palmer's Cocoa butter will be your best friend. Keeps the silly willy smelling fancy.
  13. I do barrow runs, farming runs or herblore. Anything that doesn't take longer than 10 mins.
  14. iv never done barrows before but i do wana try it.
  15. Definitely skill. Get some easy 99s such as Fletching or Cooking.
  16. You cant comment on my posts till new vids!
  17. kappa Also...look up the stats for an account called Bescape v2. Just a little thing I've been doing on the side.
  18. If you don't have 99 fletching I would suggest doing fletching magic or cooking
  19. watch twitch, youtube and skill things at the bank like fletch
  20. crafting/fletching are solid go-tos

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