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The Billionaires Club

Discussion in 'Clans' started by I offer 1 gp, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. The Billionaires Club is a private RS3 and RS07 clan made specifically for the wealthy. It is an exclusive club and we expect our members to be discreet so we take our candidates very seriously. The only requirements to join are to own 10B RS3 or 2B 07. An in-game verification will be necessary for consideration of an application. Those who wish to get more information, please add I Offer 1 Gp in-game, who is responsible of recruitment.

    We do not reveal the owners for they are well-known players. Only those in the club know their identities, one of the reasons being we are looking for discreet people who are willing to learn the best money-making techniques in both versions of Runescape.

    Since this is a club exclusively for the wealthy, each and every member is expected to contribute with their knowledge of money-making. Any ideas are invited to be shared and discussed, with possibility of reward after more and more contributions.

    We look forward to increasing both our amount of members and our knowledge on becoming as wealthy as possible.

    Places are limited. Act fast before it is too late.

    Apply at: http://therseliteplayers . com/
  2. this looks totally legit and absolutely not like a scam site where they want me to put in my rs login / pw...

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