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The Basics of Flipping || Lord Flippy.

Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by LordFlippy, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. Hey LF Forum
    Below is a Old School Runescape flipping guide.
    I'd appreciate some feedback on all aspects of the video. I'd love to start doing more flipping videos/updates on different techniques. All feedback and critique welcome.

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  2. great!
  3. Video's like this really help players struggling with gold!
  4. Great guide!!
  5. Nice vid. Any tips on finding margins for larger items? 2-5m per item.
  6. Use the OSBuddy or the charts located on this forum and look at the amount being traded... If demand is higher than the supply. Offer somewhere around the lower margin then offer greater than the upper margin
  7. Thank you Flippy!
  8. wolf a good flipping friend haha =)
  9. No problem, I hope you enjoyed it. I hope to bring out new OSRS videos soon.
  10. Just saw the vid~. Great vid!
  11. Thanks dude

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