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Swedish Flipper =D 10M to 100M

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by w1LLIAMCSGO, Jul 10, 2016.


Wich team will win Cologne 2016?

  1. SK

    2 vote(s)
  2. Liquid

    3 vote(s)
  1. Whatsup?! ;>

    My name is William and I'm 17 years old from Sweden. This is my first post here at Lets-Flip. I hope I will enjoy my stay!

    I will do sick progress logs here. On Saturday I'll start my journey 10M - 100M with flipping in the ge, and the goal is to make it in 14 days.

    And that's not all, I'lll go for 99 cooking and 99 fletching in the meanwhile.

    So the goal in 14 days will be from 10M to 100M, 99 cooking and 99 fletching. Will only train the following two skills the profit way, even if it probably will be slower.

    I can imagine alot people telling me I won't be able to do it in 14 days, don't worry. I'll be grinding around 14 hours a day. :)

    The journey starts on Friday night my friends. I hope you'll stay tuned.

    Love from Sweden!
  2. Yo man add me on RS: SoupInBowl, your goal is a long shot! but I respect it none the less :D
  3. I'm Swedish too :p
    Even thought I didn't expect you to return to this dead forum after posting this... ;( ;( ;(
  4. Did this ever happen

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