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Swapping RS3<>07 Gold PM "Complexity9" good rates

Discussion in 'Services' started by Complexity9, Jun 28, 2015.

  1. I am a new swapper hoping to help a lot of people with eoc<>07 swapping so that people can enjoy both games easier with my service. I am offering players to swap either RS3 to 07 gold or the other way around.
    I currently offer some of the best exchange rates out of all the swappers

    I will take 5% commison for middle man fees for people who want swap not using my stock

    My current rates for what i will be swapping with are
    | You | Me |
    | 1M 07 | 7M RS3 |
    | 8M RS3 | 1M 07 |

    Please send me a PM in game to "Complexity9" my private will be on. Please inquire about rates when PMing me if interested in swapping.

    Happy Swapping all - Complexity
  2. Will be posting gyazo's of successful swaps.
  3. Your rates are a little steep
  4. Do you have a skype or other way to contact you about swapping?
  5. I just don't understand why do you want swap? Are you trying to get profit?
  6. Would it be possible if I contact you thru skype? Whats ur name
  7. Would it be possible to contact you through skype? If so, whats your name?
  8. how do you swap from osrs to rs3 im just wondering , im new here :/

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