Surviving your first 24 hours as a Deadman

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    Hello, my name is thespragg and this is my guide to surviving your first 24 hours as a deadman! this guide will cover staying safe, getting some base levels and getting some gear to keep you alive to begin your adventure!

    Step 1 - Understanding the gamemode

    No matter where you decide to spawn after you start into the deadman adventure you'll notice a small symbol that looks like this in the corner of your screen.


    This symbol means that the town you're currently in is protected by guards BUT DOES NOT MEAN YOU'RE SAFE. Most of the time this symbol will deter PK'ers because getting skull in these areas means that level 1337 guards will attack and kill you. However, I have seen PK groups rush banks and kill people inside them so that other members of the party can pick up the spoils of war. In general though, at a lower level the risk for people to attack you in these zones is slim enough that we shall call these 'safe zones'. If you do accidentally get yourself a skull then DO NOT walk into one of these areas. The guards will attack ANYONE with a skull, regardless of if it occurred in a safe zone or not.

    This brings me onto my second point, while playing deadman mode, ALWAYS have right click only on, this will save you the potentially awkward situation where you go to click your bank and attack someone instead (I did this at least 3 times until I realised this trick). To do this go into your settings and make it look like this:


    Ok, now that you're a little safer, it's time to run over the consequences of death. Your 'items kept upon death' screen will now look something like this:


    To explain, the items lost from bank will be your 28 most valuable stacks of items, meaning cash, any expensive items etc. These values are calculated using OSRS GE, so there is actually couple of tricks to reducing the lost items (tinderboxes are 276gp on the ge, so buying a bunch of these in a general store for 2-3gp could save you a lot of money by tricking the game).

    As for the skills side of the screen, any red items are ones which will be halved upon death, this is based on xp though rather than levels. So the higher your level the less levels you will lose (It will still be half xp though). You can choose 2 combat stats to save, and 3 non-combat stats. This choice will be especially difficult as you start to progress in the game because certain stats being lost will cause you to take a large hit when it comes to money making.

    To give you an idea, right now for combat I'm saving: Range and HP (HP is a must, no point in having a high damage rating if you only have 20hp) and for non combat i'm saving: Cooking, Fishing and Theiving. What you save and how you build is completely up to you, I'm saving cooking and fishing for food in combat, and thieving for some quick cash when I need it, although i might change it for fletching to pay for archery.

    Step 2 - Building up some stats

    Now that you understand the basics of deadman mode it's time to start doing what you came here to do, TRAIN WITH THAT GLORIOUS x5 XP, that's right, x5 xp. The tradeoff of such a dangerous gamemode is that the xp gain is much much higher. To put this into perspective, to get 43 prayer using regular bones takes 11k, but in this gamemode it only takes 2.2k. This means that trainign in deadman is very different to what you're used to, for example, the golbins next to lumbridge are a valid training method until around 20-30 for melee stats. So that's where we'll start.

    Picking your attack method: Deadman mode is all about planning, you can only protect 2 combat abilities, if you want to play a melee character, then save your strength and hp, this is the most efficient since having a high attack will allow you to wield high level weapons, but with a lower strength level you won't do any decent damage with it. Range and Magic, should be fairly self explanitory.


    I'm going to outline the paths you should take for each one in the next section so if you've already decided on your attack type then feel free just to skip to the one that's relevant to you! Deadman mode is all about the planning, so this section will set you up for the future.

    Before you embark on any of these tasks I would advise getting your theving to around level 25 using the men around lumbridge, the experience is quick and they only hit for one. Protect your theiving and just theif till you drop, with 5x xp this doesn't take too long and since youre new dying isn't an issue. Getting to 25 will allow you to thieve warriors in al kharid so you can start training a little better.

    The path of the warrior:
    This is arguably the toughest path to choose due to you ideally needing to protect 4 stats, and that the weapons are generally a lot more expensive, however here's what you should do. Start by heading to the melee instructor located just north of lumbridge castle, ask him about the basics of melee combat and he will give you a sword and sheild. Now personally at this point I went for goblins to get all of my base stats to 20, they're close enough to a safe zone meaning that if anyone does happen to test out their new found pk power you can make it back safely. Once you've got your stats up to 20, you want to go to bobs axes and grab yourself a battleaxe, then head to al kharid and grab yourself some legs. Granted it's not ideal but the early game is tough, now start to kill the al kharid warriors until around 30 all stats. If you need food keep heading back to lumbridge to fish for shrimps.

    Next step is to start doing some quests, the ones you want to do first are Waterfall quest and Lost city. After waterfall you should will need to get your crafting and woodcutting up, this should be pretty fast with the xp gain so don't worry. Now, this part is up to you, you need to find a place to train that is hidden from other people, obscure parts of taverly dungeon are great for this. Collect the loot to get some better gear (or apply some money making methods for even better gear) and then tackle lost city. The main reason for this is that you can buy d'longs and dds from the store there.

    There you go, you are now on the best track to being a melee character.

    Path of the Ranger:

    Being a ranger is arguably the best path to take, you have a severe advantage in cost and future pk'ing. Starting range is also very easy, First you want to grab your training arrows and whatever you've started to pickpocket. Now, first use the 25 training arrows on the goblins, I managed to get to 13 just with those arrows. Now, head up to varrock via al kharid (safer path) and buy yourself some more arrows and head back to the goblins. It cost me 50 training arrows and 80 bronze arrows to get to 28. This is where your training really begins. You need to get Rune mysteries, goblin diplomacy, and finally the lost tribe.

    At this point I went to do stronghold of security for the 10k which gave me 15k and purchased full leather, a bone crossbow and as many bone bolts as I could (2.3k). Then find a spot to train in and start going at it, the higher you get remember to upgrade your gear. At around 40 range you'll find most people who try to attack you will actually go down pretty easy. After this just keep training and continue to raise your other non combat stats, this will allow you to make even more money to train much harder. If you actually want to go pk'ing I would recommend a magic shortbow instead of the bone crossbow for the added bonus.

    |-------STILL TO ADD-------|


    |------------Mage build guide-------------|
    |------Basic early money making------|
    |-----------------Staying safe---------------|
    |-----------Safest travel paths------------|
    |------Range/mage/melee items-------|
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