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Support Rank

Discussion in 'General Information' started by Ryan, Jun 20, 2015.

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    Support Rank
    Buy Support Rank here: http://lets-flip.com/account/upgrades (you must be logged in to do this).

    Today we are launching a new ranks on the forums, the Support Rank and Twitch Subscriber rank (TBA) which will grant you some additional forum extra's as well as some possible unique features in the future.

    Have some feedback on this idea? Post it here : http://lets-flip.com/threads/support-rank-thoughts.842/

    Benefits of Support Rank:

    Site Benefits:
    Scrolling ability on all the tables/charts, including the 120 Unique Item list!
    Increase your Favorites Item table from 3 items to 15 items!
    Remove Twitch Streams from 120 Scrolling Chart page. - Even when any of our streamers are live on Twitch!
    Advertisements removed from the top and bottom of Lets-Flip.com.
    Help Support the site with future updates and paying for the host costs!

    Forum Benefits:
    Signatures allow up to 3 links - Up from 1.
    Signatures allow up to 500 characters - Up from 150.
    Signatures allow up to 3 images - Up from 1.
    Custom user title - Edit your own personal Title.
    Cyan (colour may change) title on your forum account - Changed from default red.​

    Cost per month : $3.00 per month.
    Cost one-off payment : $30.00 (Lifetime* membership).

    Wish to purchase this rank? You can do so by clicking here!

    *Lifetime meaning the lifespan of the site and/or your account (not accounting for bans/deletion of your accounts due to your own actions involved on the site), not how long you/Jagex/RuneScape exist. Lets-Flip.com has the right to remove your Support Rank and ban your account if you disobey the rules of the site.

    Refund Policy: Please note that all of these purchases are non-refundable due to the nature of the service, once the purchase is made you agree that you are making a virtual item purchase and as a result are entering into an agreement in which you are subject to the sites rules. Breaking these rules can get your account banned (with your Support Rank terminated) with no refund being given. Refunds are possible on request at our personal discresion only.
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