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Support Rank - Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Ryan, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. So I have added a paid rank that removes banners, add's a few extra features for the forum and makes your name pretty.. I want feedback on this and your thoughts on the situation.

    Please note : Supporter rank users DO NOT have access to money making benefits that free users can't access at this time.
  2. And they're not a part of the staff team, for clarification.

    If a lot of people buy this title I think the cyan name colour is kinda pushy though when you look at the active users, I'm not some kind of colour guru but maybe we could test some different colours that don't, uhh, attack you as much if you look at the list with multiple paid users online ^-^.
  3. Having signature space/custom user ranking is nice but doesn't seem like it outweighs the worth of having a concurrent subscription fee.
    With this community based around making money via flipping/merching, a separate chart that is exclusive to the supporter rank seems fitting.

    Don't get me wrong, I like the idea, it's there to support the site with upkeep costs, but feels like it could have a little more incentive.
  4. I think having glow on name is good enough for support rank. Whole point of support is to support the site.
  5. I don't really like the fact that it's a monthly thing. At this point and time without the other charts etc. being released yet it kinda scares me away. I don't like being felt like I owe someone something. I have a lot of bills and this would just add an extra one. I would rather just pay a one time fee. Then you wouldn't feel trapped. Heck I'd pay $20 right now. If the charts came out id probably pay even more. I think it's a great idea tho! But when the charts come out I would raise the price or something. Because for $2.00 I feel the charts will become overpopulated.
  6. You have to remember that lets-flip is a free service, making a monthly subscription does not give you any benefits at the moment.
    But it shows that you support the site in a way that you want to help us with the upkeep of it.
  7. I mean we could have two rank type. Donation get green neon grow, and Subscription get skyblue neon grow or something.
  8. Regarding the post announcing the Support Rank (http://lets-flip.com/threads/support-rank.841/) I'm sorry if I've misunderstood but I'd just like to clarify this before I consider purchasing. Are Support Rank/Twitch Subscriber the same thing? Meaning that if one were to purchase the Support Rank, eventually when you've managed to get your Subscriber button on twitch, one would automatically become Subscriber?
  9. Good comment.

    Basically I have made 2 ranks that cover the same thing. If you acturally enjoy my streams and like money making you can (possibly at some point in the future) Subscribe to my twitch channel.

    Some users I know for sure only want the money making side of this site, and would rather not deal with my stream, so we have the Supporter rank option.

    If I got a twitch subscriber, I would get $2.50 of the $5 cost (knowledge from other streamers) so if you choose to get supporter rank, you will pay less but not have the twitch emotes.

    Only real difference.
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  10. Sounds good.
  11. When more charts are released, I expect an increase in the amount of website supporters.
  12. why have you changed your mind and added it now? I asked last month whether you'd contemplate adding such a rank, why now? just curious.
    Its good i guess in terms of covering costs for the website as i know you've put loads of your own time and money into it.
    My only concern is that it sort of de-values players that are active in the community and help lots in the cc and on your stream but don't want to/can't afford to pay. I personally won't be paying just because i'm 17 and a student. If i had a full time job it would be different and i'd happily contribute. However is the goal is to make money via this service why don't you add something useful for players to even use? which could be unlocked via 150+ postcount / applying for it via forums based on loyalty to site NOT only buying it. I don't really think people can justify donating to you because it will 'make your name look pretty'.
    I know you probably care more if somebody was to donate $5 to you than if someone was to be posting 100+ times helping out, advertising etc. i would too if i'd spent £1000 creating the site!
    so yeah...just wondering why you've decided to add it now, what features might be added and what your opinion is regarding the titles you'd receive :)
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  13. I like it.. It allows users to help you!
  14. I agree, good process. Much help
  15. you need to get more clarification to the users on how the 5 post thing works before they can use the chart
  16. very neat. i saw you on twitch.
  17. Love the idea! I think peopl would also really appreciate this. It is a good way to help the site too. THanks!
  18. I like the idea very much,keep up the good ideas/work :)
  19. Looking forward to acquire this rank, thank you so much for adding it!
  20. rank im still a pretty low rank. i hope i can be rune soon!

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