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Suggestion - "Max Profit" on the Flip Chart

Discussion in 'Feedback and Suggestions' started by Bescape, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. With the GE limits now being implemented on the website, I was thinking that somewhere on the flip chart next to each item, it could show the "max" amount of profit that you can make off of a certain item. "Max" profit can be determined by an item's limit in the four hour period, multiplied by the profit margin.

    If this were to be implemented, I think it would be nice to organize the chart by the "max profit" header.
  2. We plan to remove the bought/sold in 1h, replace it with max profit and a TBA new option.
  3. Would it be possible to do a "Estimated buy/sell time?"
  4. No, because it all depend on the supply and demand. RSbuddy also doesnt include Estimated buy/sell time, it would be impossible.
  5. i don't know how u work the code and i'm not the best at math but i was assuming like

    1000 brought in 1 hour 3600 seconds in an hour

    3600 divided by 1000 = 3.6second average (for buying)

    (that's using the brought/hr option)

    - P.s just tell me if i'm just an idiot.
  6. I mean, we kinda have that function already. If you look below the graph there's a "Amount Traded" which tells you how many were sold/brought during that hour
  7. We can do this if you guys would like it.

    We will be adding the total traded number from the OSRS pages to our charts, while keeping the RSBuddy numbers. Could do an hourly average.

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