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Status Update 15102015

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sky, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. Hey fellas, I have talked with Ryan.
    And state of things currently is that he is not able to stream, because of his connection.
    He is working on getting a better connection, though that takes money - money which none of us have.
    This is done with another site for MineCraft Servers where he is getting money to pay for this free site.

    Anyhow this is just the state of things, the best thing to do is to sit back and wait (Or buy a monthly support rank, trust me this helps a great deal).

    Roger Out.
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  2. damn that sucks, wanted to see him stream
  3. Same here, id like to see him streaming...
  4. That's a shame...Maybe add more benefits for donors!
  5. I totally agree with Hazard, might encourage people.
  6. Yeah I would say the same.
    Not enough benefits and it's a bit pricey to be honest.
  7. More benefits.
    Aha, i like the sound of greedyness, or actually i don't.
    The point of having "supporters" is to lift off some weight of Ryans shoulders, considering that he is paying for the site.
    People who subscribe or make a one time payment to the site are people who genuinly care about the site and it's well being.
    Yes you get a couple of few advantages by being a supporter, but mainly you ensure yourself and all the other users on here that the site will stay and not just vanish, eventually if there was noone to support and help with the upkeep of the site, Ryan would eventually simply shut it down. So claiming that 3$ a month and right now you get 6months for 12$ and that's costly?
    Alone the domain and hosting has a cost from 1$ - 50$ a month and i can ensure you that this site does not only cost 1$ a month, for not talking about registration fee's and whatnot that ryan has payed of his own pockets to put the site on it's legs.
    You can be sure that the price that ryan pays for the site every month is atleast 20-25$.

    But again, not enough benefits yet the site is up.
    You are people that use this site every day, i havent been playing for the last 3 months and barely been active here, i have cancelled a lot of different subscriptions, but i wont cancel here because i believe in helping others.
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  8. Wow this sucks! Wanted him to stream!
  9. been waiting for a stream for while, sucks man
  10. thanks for the info broski. just joined the cc, hope to meet oyu all.
  11. Tbh he still owes me dragon scims on Deadman mode so he'll come back don't worry about it.

    Seriously though, if you have any suggestions for the website to get (even) more users and traffic feel free to post them here:

    We're always looking for ways to expand the site and give our users the most satisfaction out of it and we strive to have a high ceiling, you just run out of ideas eventually so all suggestions are more than welcome :).
  12. i hope this site doesnt die, its a great idea
  13. once upon a time i had 1gp , then i did a backflip and made 1000b
  14. Nice to have some videos as well!
  15. that's just unforntunate how it happened
  16. His streams were really informative! I loved em although all the post counts requirements on this site is a bit annoying
  17. Can you not generate more money from other means advertising etc?
  18. thats okay! look forward to ya!
  19. Wish he could continue soon D:

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