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Starting stack

Discussion in 'Lets Flip General' started by shalamar, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. How much should you start out with before you start flipping?
  2. Same here, glad I found this community.
  3. about 1m i recommend, for start it will be good
  4. I've started at 150k but i would recommend 1m+ to make thing a lot faster.
  5. 1m will be good to start with. Try some things out and make money
  6. Agreeing with everyone else, 1m or more will help a lot
  7. i'd say minimum 1m, but if you can make it to 3-4m itll be so much easier to get proper gains
  8. I would do around 1m, but any amounet of that dollah is possible technically
  9. You can really do it at any time if you do it right. Ever see that guy who went from literally 1gp to 50m in 3 months easy?
  10. Depends on the market really, there are lots of ways to make money fast.
  11. you can start at any money really it just depends on how fast you want to make your money
  12. I have very little money so hopefully i can start small and build up
  13. any amount, it will just take longer to make a good profit with anything under 1m
  14. Bigger stack is better but you can start even from one gp to make profit :)
  15. About 1 million gp I'd say. At least.
  16. I started after I had already gotten two profitable 99s, so I had a head start. Gave me enough to fool around with and make some mistakes without cleaning me.
  17. You can start with any amount. i finished watching a series of videos like 5 minutes ago where the guy started with 1 gp and turned it into 50m in about 3 months using just GE flips. I personally started with 300k about 5 days ago, riding at 6m now. I'm F2P, though... so yea.
  18. Any amount is enough to be honest. But the saying "money makes money" really is true in the runescape merching/flipping community.
  19. the highest amount of money you can possible. 1m is good enought tho...
  20. Well the more money you have, the more money you can potentially make. Sky is the limit bro.

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