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Sometimes its too easy... (Progress in the last week)

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by The Loanly Banker, Aug 4, 2015.


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  1. Lately, I have been studying and learning about higher risk items. It has paid off.

    First, 3rd Age. This item right here bought and sold in 2 hours for a sweet 500k profit last week.
    2 hours 500k.PNG

    Following this item, I began to invest more. Here I bought full helms overnight and sold both within about 30 minutes in the morning. The Kwuarms that I bought here got cleaned later that morning and sold later that day for about 700k profit.

    Fullhels overnight 600k.PNG kwurams sold.PNG

    From here I tried my luck with 3rd age range tops again. Both bought and sold int he morning for an easy 800k profit.
    Just this morning.. easy 800k.PNG

    Later, I tried and item that I loved to flip back at a lower cash stack as it had an insane margin. These all bought and sold within 2 hours in the morning. Easy 1M.

    Toxic morning 1M.PNG

    Finally last week I tried some dragon scale dust and they were really good. Turned around 400k through the day and it wasn't even risky. Also some other flips included in that picture... Tunis are great btw

    Mainly dragon dust.PNG Sales 12hours lol.PNG

    Thats all that I have logged lately but if you guys give me great feed back I will probably post more once I get some more time. I love helping you guys with questions on flipping so if you ever want any advice, hit me up in game at LoanlyTrades. Id love to help
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  2. I like looking at these.

    I am going to start flipping but I only have nearly 190k in the bank.
    Is that easy to start profitting from?
  3. Nice log man, hope to see more!

    3rd age flips seem to be where its at right now.
  4. Too bad you didn't make much on that second 3a helm but awesome flips.
    Keep it up!
  5. No you will prob make 100k a day at max. Would be better to start when you have atleast 1m.
  6. Not going to go much into detail here as this question is asked A LOT. But try death runes and zulrah scales for now. Those never fail. vote if you want a guide
  7. Thanks Ryan, it means a lot to hear form you mods. I hope to post more soon
  8. What should I buy/sell for?
    Sorry for the noob questions.
  9. If youre asking these kinds of questions, you need to go do some research first as this is not the right place to start. Youtube videos are great.

    Buy, basically buy and sell one or the item for really high and low so they go through instantly. Now you should have two prices that differ in about 3-5gp. You are now going to buy for the lower number, and sell for the higher number. Youtube has a better explanation adn they model it, i would suggest looking into it there.
  10. Third age margins do look pretty nice, hoping to have built my way back up to that point soon! Nice progress so far ^^
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  11. nice work man. maybe try items with less value and buy in bulk.
  12. This isn't flipping; this is merching. And because you're Merchanting large items you should know that.
    Flip = quick profit
    merch = longer and/or overnight (usually more profit, for a longer wait)
  13. good to know, also OP made some good money, to bad I only have 100k :D
  14. good stuff man! thanks for sharing
  15. Nice profits. Hopefully I can start flipping higher items within next week :(
  16. They're some sweet profits bro...I've never flipped 3a before, have you found it risky at all?
  17. Very impressive flips, keep it going :)!
  18. Nice profits. Keep it going, really interesting to see.
  19. Nice tekkers, some margins are pretty sweet.. How quick did the ranger tunic flip for? Small margin but an easy 400k flip
  20. dang those some nice numbers!!!!!!

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