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Skilling while flipping?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Asa Flanagan, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. I was wondering if there is something I can skill to make profit WHILE I am flipping? Thanks
  2. Just run air orbs at 66 magic.. hella good guap like 500k an hour
  3. idk i usually alch on my pure while doing bussiness
  4. I think alching would be the best thing maybe some fletching
  5. I'm just doing fletching and alching atm lol
  6. I know alching and fletching works well
  7. id say alching works the best out of all of them
  8. I usually fletch magic longbows good money and xp.
  9. I used to make ranarr potions but they aren't as profitable anymore
  10. alch/cannonballs, or alchgility
  11. I just train herblore when i am flipping
  12. I alched 99 Mage, if you're doing slower items you could run orbs or whatever.
    I also did 69 cooking and I started to do fletch but remembered I hate fletching
  13. just high alch bro. look up items that will give you profit and do that while you wait for your bodacious things to buy and sell
  14. If you're doing slower items you can do whatever you want, however, I do fletching and herblore when I'm flipping stuff that buys quickly or I'll do a herb run.
  15. Fletching is usually what I do while flipping
  16. Definitely recommend you high alch while waiting, helps me and keeps me occupied
  17. i would say high alching, or fletching seem to be the best.
  18. i always flip with slow items, so i used to pick flax, chop logs and combine both to creatie longbows. Which i sold after when my items bought/sold. Keeps you occupied and it's very profitable since you don't have to buy anything. pure profit and it gives you wc/fletching xp.
  19. You need to find stationery skills to train such as, mage, fletch or crafting.. Anything you can do while standing at the GE
  20. Depending on what your herblore is, certain potions can make you profit, and it's definitely a good skill to get up.
    I trained to 95 agility and with all the amylase crystals I collected I made stamina potions.
    Although I could of sold the crystals for more than what I made from the potions.

    I skilled herblore up at a high level whilst making a lot of profit!

    (Cause training herblore at a high level is so expensive)

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