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[Skilling] [Magic] Enchanting for Profit

Discussion in 'OSRS Money Making Table Help' started by Ryan, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. More details to come soon.

    Enchanting for Profit guides may be made by myself or another memeber of staff, any questions about Enchanting for Profit? Post on this thread.
  2. Are you talking about bolts? Because ive tried them and they all seem to lose if anything?
  3. I will be deleting your post later (since it will be detailed) but we plan to do all enchants, bolts, rings, necklaces, amulets, bracelets etc etc
  4. Enchanting bolts can make profit. However, it all depends how you go about doing it (buying cut gems, cutting bolt tips yourself, putting them on bolts, THEN enchanting).
  5. The Best way to make profit i hate to say it and i dont care if this get deleted is to steal the gems from the stall. But if you are in a hurry then buy the cut jems from ge they are normally cheaper because people normally just cut the jems to get exp. Also keep in mind you can not make bolt tips with out a decent level in fletching . Then making the bolts are the ideal way to go. but take the longest time, but that insures the most profit. because you are cutting out all the middle men and making everything all the profit is yours. Finally sell your product, but if you do enchant you should enchant bolts you know will be used in lots of pvm or pk players. Cause that would be the way to bring in the most money.
  6. In f2p I made either broke even (including the cost of runes) by enchanting ruby amulets into strength ammy. It was good for magic exp with 0 loss in cash.
  7. Nice work!

    What where the XP rates on this?
  8. How do I find this?
  9. Thanks for the guide!

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