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[Skilling] [Magic] Alch for Profit

Discussion in 'OSRS Money Making Table Help' started by Ryan, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. More details to come soon.

    Alch for Profit guides may be made by myself or another memeber of staff, any questions about alch for profit? Post on this thread.
  2. It seems very inaccurate. Most of the items have different high alch values than the ones listed. You need to doublecheck every item, and finding one which actually yields a profit is hard.
  3. You would need update it almost everyday.
  4. Hope you can post it soon :D Can't wait to start doing this
  5. def would love to see something soon in this thread.
    just got my high lvl alch and am unsure what to do with it.
  6. I'm planning on getting my mage lvl up, so could really use a guide like this.
  7. Yes please, would be helpful
  8. Would be helpful indeed
  9. i would love this!
  10. Would be a very good idea to get this up and running.
  11. it's difficult with constant fluctuating prices... what might be profitable on a morning might change by night.
  12. Yeah that makes sense, a general guide of the average price of the items would be good though.
  13. any updates on this?
  14. Yes any updates?
  15. I could show you how to lose very little money high alching.
    And if you do it manually and not buy the item, you may even profit.
  16. So far nothing, im trying to build a chart for this, hopefully i will get ryan to implement it
  17. This would be great
  18. Status update?
  19. anything?
  20. I usually profit off alching rune items but with low limit not as profitable as it could be

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