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[Skilling] [Cooking] Cooking for Profit

Discussion in 'OSRS Money Making Table Help' started by Ryan, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. More details to come soon.

    Cooking for Profit guides may be made by myself or another memeber of staff, any questions about Cooking for Profit? Post on this thread.
  2. Can't wait to see how you do this. I need money :p
  3. Will you taking xp/hr into consideration?
  4. How will a 'cooking' for profit work? because each players chance of burning more or less fish will be a big factor.
    could be risky highlighting for example that cooking say lobsters is profitable even at a 20% burn rate, but if a player who just hit the cooking requirement attempts this and pours all their 300k into raw lobbies then burns 1k of them, meaning they break even or just about make a profit from hours work..

    don't get me wrong, you'll probably think about this in much deeper depth and state the obvious. I'm just pointing it out for discussion.
  5. Above poster has a solid point, it would be best to give the required cooking level to cook 100% of the food efficiently for the most profit for a given method.
  6. cooking tuna is profit and salmon, trout at lower levels been doing it till 70 :p
  7. Cooking lobster, swordfish and sharks are also profit I believe if you don't burn a ton.
  8. Making anchovy pizzas is a great way to earn gp
  9. reqs lvl 55 cooking and has a 100% success rate for every pizza. Making anchovy pizzas almost always makes good profit and gives cooking xp
  10. Thanks learning some good stuff on this thread.
  11. As for burn rate...
    Lvl 50---trout
    Lvl 58---salmon
    Lvl 64---tuna
    Lvl 74---lobster

    I have been doing this for incidental profit, while flipping quickish items.

    What I have determined,
    All make money, but if profit is the main goal with incidental xp----cook anchovies. Anchovies can be bought for between a 3rd-5th the price of cooked.

    You can cook between 1200-1400 an hour. That comes out to 36k-42k xp and around $120k-$150k profit line.

    Not bad if hanging at ge anyways.
  12. Oh :p, one more thing. Raw anchovies have nearly doubled in the last few days, steadily going up. Can still be bought cheap though, and certainly cheaper than cooked.
  13. I would LOVE to make some OSRS tutorial videos, I know too much useful info to hoard.
    I may even start a youtube channel and promote the website with a little incentive ;)

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