Safe Combat Training - Train in SafeZones - Multiple Locations!

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  1. Safe Combat Training - Train in SafeZones

    Video created by Framed.

    Some basic combat stats (20+)
    Range / Magic gear for most of these methods.

    Food (its deadman mode after all)
    Best gear in slot for maximum damage/xp hour.

    All SafeZones:
    Spot 1: Guards / Men

    In all safezones there are a select few NPC's that you will always see, these are your guards and men that hang around in buildings or are simply patrolling the castles within the cities until you come and smack them to pieces. Varrock Palace has been a very popular training location since launch due to the chance of getting level 2 clue scrolls while training combat safely.

    NOTE: Falador is MULTI COMBAT! Clans can kill you at the Guards located north AND south of the city.

    Gnome Stronghold Spots:
    Spot 1: Tortoise

    Located to the north of the gnome stronghold, these guys are for magic / range trainers only. Inside the pen itself is unguarded area but behind the fence (where you will be safespotting) these is no pvp and it is guarded. This allows you to gain xp without of the risk of death.

    Spot 2: Terror Birds

    These guys can be used for melee training as well as range and magic, lower levels then the tortoise, these guys offer safe training in the stronghold and are also close to a bank so restocking food if needed is fast and efficent. Its becoming quiet populated as a training spot so be ready to face some competition but the fact that its safe makes this worth the time.

    Spot 3: Gnomes and Terrorbirds

    Scattered about at the entrance is a mixture of low and high level NPC's that you can kill in all styles of combat. All of which are in a safe zone and can be easy to kill even on a new account, I would recommend training here and getting some hitpoints levels before going out and trying to battle with other players.

    Spot 1: Ardougne Zoo

    A good place to train range and magic, a key bonus of this location is that it has a range of creatures, many of which can be assigned to you as a slayer task. This allows you, be it slow xp, to train your slayer in a safe zone with very litte/no risk of being killed while training. This is good for getting the 18 Slayer level requirement for Animal Magnitism. Due to the nature of the cages, you can't train melee here.
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  2. Did I miss any? Post and I'll get them added to the list!
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  3. Thank you so much! I will post if i see an other safe training spot
  4. This is awesome! Keep it up and survive!

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