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RS3 Achievements - Billionaire Club

Discussion in 'Achievements' started by Pogromite, Dec 8, 2015.

  1. I will purport to be the judge of these things, if you have some pics that show your rs3 wealth and you want to join the billionaire club, feel free to show the goods.

    My proof is the sig
  2. My Smile is worth a billion dollars
  3. We have our newest member to the billion dolla smile club yo
  4. 535656386 is not a billion.

  5. Sweet I'm apart of the club, i'd like to thank ryan for making this possible
  6. You're forgetting the stuff in his inventory
  7. I would like to refer to the gnomeballs, which are in their "gnomeball case" ... i rest my balls.. er.. my case.
  8. Defendant is found innocent Prosecution ain't got nothing on deez....balls
  9. innocent of being broke, guilty of being LOADED!
  10. Very nice, would love to see you post more.
  11. I will reveal some of my rs3 shenanigans as they develop
  12. That looks dope man cool shit i cant believe you got all that
  13. >Rs3 billionaire is an achievement
  14. made a billion off the salamanders alone, woot inventions. Love that my sig has pre-invention salamanders lol
  15. Thats one HELL of a collection!

    Congratulations on hitting the 1b+ club!

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