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RS07 Gold to RS3 Gold

Discussion in 'Services' started by Dtft, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. Were a new clan which has just been created, offering players to swap either RS3 to RS07 gold or vice versa.
    We currently offer some of the best exchange rates out of all the swap fcs

    We Take 5% commison for middle man fees

    The current rates are;

    1m RS07; 7m RS3

    8m RS3; 1m RS07.

    Contact; x Adam xD in-game, or message me here! Proof of trades will also be added into this thread to ensure players safety when swapping there gold.

    Rank prices will soon be incorporated to allow other users to swap gold through our swapping clan!
    Rank Prices;

    Recruit: 10m RS3/ 1.5m RS07 - Can make trades upto 35M RS3 and 5M RS07

    Corporal: 35M RS3/ 5M RS07 - Can make trades upto 70M RS3 and 10M RS07

    General: 70M RS3/ 10M RS07 - Can make trades upto 150M RS3 and 10M RS07

    Lieutenant: 100M RS3/ 12.5m RS07 - Can make trades upto 200M RS3 and 15M RS07

    Captain: 250M RS3/ 20m RS07 - Can make unlimited trade limits (Has to also meet other criteria e.g. been in the clan for atleast one month).

    Rank Prices Are Currently 25% Off!

    Proof of most recent swaps:

    Images haven't been uploaded in order due to forum add-ons, but trades can be linked of the amounts of gold.

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  2. tbf these rates arn't exactly the best. Also these pics doesn't prove that you're trusted :/
  3. Might need to use a service like this.
    Just need to find a trusted one.
  4. I might use this one in future if i need this kind of service ill contact you!
  5. Use at Own risk.
    We shall not be responsible for any scamming or luring which this other clan may or may not do.
  6. What's the advantage of using you over oakdice? Just curious, oakdice has better rates and is extremely trusted and quick
  7. so you can buy your way into the group? How does that work?
  8. LOL @ these rates comon man lol
  9. tbf I dont know why anyone does this. Just find a friend with a little bit of cash on both rs3 and osrs.
    Honestly, Ive got a OSRS char and rs3 char. Ive got about 30m on rs3 but would happily do anything really. How do you even figure out 7:1 ratio?
  10. my osrs char actually has way more than my rs3 so id be happy to go the other way

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