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Road to 500m

Discussion in 'Introductions and Goodbyes' started by flip god, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. Just started flipping for the first time started at 1m and in my first day i have made 500k+. Goal is 500m maybe 1b if I don't get bored and depending on how much free time with school just starting. pm me for any questions. igm is "poopsicle" lel
  2. started fliping again but only have 100k atm oh well
  3. do you have any ideas on what you will flip? i would like to know it too :D
  4. i think im prob gonna do more merchanting than flipping
  5. I have the same goal, good luck! :)
  6. Great goal, goodluck with that.. I would set my goal a little bit lower ;p
  7. hellooo goodluck with your journey
  8. Good luck! Working my way up the charts myself
  9. Good Luck. Just starting too :)
  10. good luck! its a very high set goal.
  11. Good luck i want some when you get there..... lol :)
  12. Don't give up!! You got this! I'm just shooting for 50m lol
  13. Good Luck!! This flipping is all exited, hope we all can get some $$ :)

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