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Return to Streaming, Twitter is STILL HACKED!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Ryan, Jul 20, 2015.

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  1. I have waited long enough for Twitter to respond to me, they have not done so.

    I want to start streaming RuneScape again and will be as of tomorrow.

    DO NOT CLICK LINKS ON MY TWITTER ACCOUNT PAGE! @OrzoTV is hacked! Phishing links will steal your account details.
  2. Is twitter support that bad? How has it not been resolved? Glad to see that you're going to be streaming again, though.
  3. :QQ: you decide to struum when i decide to go away for a few days :confused:.

    I knew you didn't like me kappa. Glad to see that you will be streaming again too bad twitter support is useless atm :(.
  4. Great to see you back Ryan! Everyone in the CC has been missing your streams :)
  5. I can't believe people are even still in there! Let them know the good news I guess, streams resume tomorrow.
  6. Yeah there's almost always at least 10 of us in there holding the Lets Flip fort :) and I already did, we're all pleased!
  7. last night was like 6.....
  8. It'll be nice to see you streaming again.
  9. Can't wait for the streams!
  10. there is 12 in there atm and its 3 am east coast time.
  11. There's 9 of us in here atm, but most people are probably asleep. I haven't seen any of your streams but I'll be sure to watch them :)
  12. it sucks because 60 followers is probably not top of their priorities :/
    good luck with the stream, see u there
  13. //Locked Twitter account is back to its rightful owner.
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