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Report The Spam

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Sky, May 8, 2015.

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  1. Hello you all lot.
    I have chosen to make this thread as an addition to @Ryan's recent post: Site Clean Up.

    We are currently at 650 Members, this is great and means that we have a lot of people using the forums (Or atleast seems like it), because as you all know there is a lot of the people here that intentionally simply Spams their 10postcount to get to be able to use the charts.

    The Staff Team is trying to remove the spam as much as we can, without having to go to measures that will result in bans (This will happen to those who doesn't get the message we're trying to bring).

    We are already getting a lot of the spam removed, though to make things a lot easier for us, we would like you to report anything that you as a regular user would consider spam.

    When you report something we look it through and if we agree with your report we take action, if we don't agree with you there is simply no action taken and no damage done.
    Reporting another user therefore doesn't always mean that that user is punished.
  2. Isn't there anything like an autobanner on specific messages (such as .com and stuff)?
  3. We have a system yes but the actual bots are not what i talk about i am talking about reporting people who intentionally just spams quickly to 10posts (even though they have to wait 24hours anyways before being able to see the charts).
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