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Rate the person RSN above yours

Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Bake, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. Basically post your RSN and people will rate it!

    RSN: We Cook Meth
  2. 10/10 would breaking bad

    RSN: Im nutty bro
  3. 7/10

    Pretty nice name!
  4. Well you didn't post a RSN so 0/10

    RSN: Blowy
  5. 8/8 m8
    Mains rsn: HighwayNan
  6. 8/10 Bit random, but still good :p

    RSN: D21
  7. 5/10 because i dont understand
    RSN: Dattos
  8. 4/10 because I don't understand

    RSN: I Bake Eh
  9. Reminds me of Canada, 8/10

    RSN: Cheery_Bomb
  10. 5/1000000000
    Why would you bomb with cherrys? EAT THEM INSTEAD

    RSN: Ze Pawn
  11. 5/10
    i guess it sounds okey, but still nothing special :p

    RSN: Five
  12. 5/10
    just because ur RSN is "five"

    RSN: skunkhead100
  13. Lol.. so Pawn is instead of porn but yeah ;)
    Game still going on grus30m32s0m3.228 RSN: Skunkhead100
  14. 9/10 for sure kappa

    rsns: L2Play issue, L2PK issue, Hot Botato, L2Maul issue, L2iron issue
  15. 6/10 average, sounds slightly cool, but nothing too special.

    rsn: abra238
    (been using since 2002 neopets, then 2004 -> present rs)
  16. 0/10
    rsn: Coke_Head
  17. 8/10
    i like coke too
  18. 8/10

    Rsn: worst Gnar
  19. 7/10 cuz ur bad with gnar :3

    Rsn: Mr Hard 0n
  20. 8/10 wiz khalifa music :D pumps me up so much
    RSN : Purely GambL
    Ikr its terrible

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