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Rank Pips, Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Graphics' started by Sky, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. These are rank pips i have made, they would be used for replacing the current banners we are using.

    Postcount Ranks:
  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Staff ranks:

    Support Rank:
  3. Pretty.. Very pretty! One thing I will say if the Sub button does happen we need a Twitch Sub rank, Spectral could work best with that (the purple). But not sure.

    Let me know your thoughts.
  4. Well these are ment for forum use though. ;)
    I also posted in our staff section and left you a message there ruyan :love::love:
  5. Increase the text size,[make the pip taller] a little hard to read. What the max dimension you can use?

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  6. If i were to increase the size of the font it would take up too much space as it is currently 5x5 px (inner) and 7x7 (outer) then it would become 10x10(inner) and 12x12(outer) and this would make the width of the pip too big.

    Anyhow, Dimensions is 150x40 px at max. 150px width would leave 2px blankspace on each side within the membercard (which is to be prefered).
    40px height is the max height, may be less just not smaller.

    But you are more than welcome to make a set of pips aswell, I have simply made these because I know that we need them, if you make some that are better - then thats kewl with me ;););)
  7. Alright, i will give them a try.

    edit: Ahh i what you there. I will use the same size you use for your pip
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    Here is an example of how it would look:
    Awesome kappa

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  9. Those look really good. I think they would work out perfectly. I want one right now
  10. Does it support animated PNG?
  11. I would guess yes, i do not know for sure though.
  12. Looks sexy
  13. Here's the Gif for Admin. I will try to come up with some other design later on. Let me know if the gif work

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  14. Can't tell if they do, but I personally don't like it, the glass look doesn't really go with the flat theme.
    And the animation.. dunno if i feel like it's snow or sperm....
  15. Alright, im still design idea. I will upload them as i finish them
  16. The ranking system is useful and makes people want to post more which is an effective strategy and the member badges are nice.
  17. Really nice work, the pics are very clear and has a nice design. Neatly done!
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