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Random price crash!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Pepsi, Mar 31, 2015.

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    I was doing my daily flips and decided to test a new item.
    The item was pneumatic gloves, I was buying at 6.46m each which was below ge value at the time and this item was a slow buy at the start so I was like let's train on 07 for a bit when I came back all 8 which I set to buy bought however I tested the margin again and they crashed to 5m so I was like I could settle with a 12m loss but I decided to put the offer in for 6.5m sell on all of them and now 7/8 of them have sold. So I was just wondering if anyone knows why this sudden drop occurred and I learnt that patience when flipping is a key part in flipping and maximising profit.

    Story times over :p.
    (Also two other items crashed)
    Post your opinions on why items are so randomly unstable at the moment.

    All the crashed items sold for a bit of profit :D
    (merged my two posts together)
  2. im not sure why but i know patience is a huge part :p
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    Just try keep an eye out then if they start crashing just quickly sell.

    I flip whips but they're rising due to people sniping them
  4. To be honest.. Flipping is boring but can make alot of monies!!!
  5. Still worked out why question ;)
  6. I have 0 patience lol
  7. I recently flipped wrong, buying high selling and low haha. I was wondering how my items sold so fast xD
  8. Patience young one.
  9. 12m lose, holy shite.
  10. patience is a virtue my friend
  11. Just be relax all the time :)
  12. I know the fundamentals of flipping, but im too impatient, so I panic and try to sell them fast :/
  13. prices crash so hard overnight wouldnt suggest items like that
  14. I wouldn't flip overnight, I like watching my items so I dont lose.
  15. From what i've heard of flipping, people say its better to do it overnight?
  16. depends on items. If its an item that can be easily manipulated, i.e raw swordfish, or something of the sorts, I wouldn't risk it.
  17. i dont think so
  18. It's best to do something else while you flip/merch. either do something outside of runescape (tv, netflix, etc.), bank skill, or slayer/bossing. Don't lose your patience so fast.
  19. Flipping is so difficult...especially the actually making money part xD

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