Quitting deadman already...

Discussion in 'Deadman Mode General Discussion' started by thespragg, Nov 3, 2015.

  1. So yeah, despite having literally nothing due to constantly dying, people feel the need to repeatedly kill me. I really can't be assed regaining the same shitty gear only to die again so i'm done.

    Was fun while it lasted
  2. Yeah this same shit has been happening to me too.. people just kill be even tho my shitty gear and my bank is literally less than 10k.. happened three times in 2 days after "rebuilding" my skills and bank..
    Yesterday i just finished Lost Tribe and bought Bone bolts and Dorgeshuun cbow and after 30secs a fkin guy shows up and kills me.. sigh this is just so depressing to play since i keep rebuilding and losing it every time...
  3. I admire the people who play DM. Leveling up again and again must be tedious business...
  4. Awesome day today once again, spent like 4hrs rebuilding to about 50k bank, after i got that 50k. 5minutes later i get camped by 3 fuckers.. srsly fuck this gamemode
  5. I've actually started to rebuild and stay alive, i don't take direct routes anywhere, and while travelling i keep my best gear in the bank. Most people won't attack you if you have a training sword ;D

    I still get the odd attack, but my str is high enough now I can combat most lower level mages/ranges
  6. It's a game of, Whoever play the longest has the advantages. Those who play when it was release and started pking has more advantages, than those who didnt. They should atleast add a feature that only current combat lvl can be pk in different location.
  7. They're changing how losing xp while unskulled is, we'll only be losing 25% if attacked while not skulled
  8. Seems like if you didnt get decent skills right away you're shit out of luck.
  9. any1 quit yet or still playing ? im kinda having fun just bloody clans meh still getting to kill odd skuller and the potential to be att anytime makes it interesting
  10. Just wait for the seasonal thing, its not till like June though right?
  11. It seems like the punishment for death is way too severe for how easy it is to be killed.

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