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Quite the surprise!

Discussion in 'Flipping and Merching Logs' started by Pleb, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Decided to buy 50 D Boots until they stopped buying at 24 so stopped the offer and instasold them for a nice margin. Pretty nice considering they're d boots

    BUY: 123,003
    SELL: 142,078
    PROFIT: 457,818

  2. That is quite an amazing flip, well done. (now i know the limit is above 20 lol)
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  3. Everytime i instasell something, usually after a night of buying something, I feel really sad lol.

    Nice flipperooni though mate GKappa
  4. Nice flip man, that's some good money :)
  5. Damn I thought the margin was 10 like in rs3, nice flip man!
  6. dang thats niceee
  7. wow that profit though
  8. i miss these old school margins
  9. Grats! these are always at around 2k margin when i check :p
  10. im gonna do this right now!!
  11. Well i don't think it will actually work anymore with 19k margins.
  12. Not bad, glad to see some people don't flip for 5k marings.
  13. wow you got lucky on that one, were you able to do more of these?
  14. Nope one time thing.
  15. That 500k Profit
  16. Too bad the margin on these got sniped so much :(!

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