Quick money making tips to start off

Discussion in 'Deadman Mode Money Making Techniques' started by The Kill, Oct 30, 2015.

  1. No fancy lay-out or something because I'm really bad at that and if you're playing while reading you don't notice it anyways x).

    1) Thieving Silk at Ardougne
    lvl 1-5 thieving -> Pickpocket Men/Women
    lvl 5-20 thieving -> Steal cake from the cake stall at ardougne
    lvl 20-? -> Thieve silk from the silk stall and sell it to the players who say "Buy 1200" or anything along those lines. You can't sell the silk to the merchant yourself because you stole it, those players you sell them to expect 27 silk each inventory and function as a middleman.

    2) Stronghold of Security
    Get a couple of levels and some decent food and go to barbarian village to run through the stronghold. Loot the sacks each level for free 10k and some decent boots. Careful for people pking at the end of the levels trying to get your cashstack and dont underestimate the hits the monsters on the last level do.

    3)Focus on one skill and train it high enough to sustain yourself
    In a mode where you can only save 3 skills, a lot of items and high-level skilling gear will be in very high demand. Look for a skill that other people may not train high enough (or not at all) but still need items from. Some examples are Crafting, Fishing, Cooking, Runecrafting, Smithing and so on. Making a bond with a player or players is ideal, because you can get complimenting skills together (e.g one person mines high level ores while the other person smiths it).

    As for general tips: Dont have too much value as your actual money stack, try to buy valuable items and deposit them savely to prevent you from completely resetting your bank if you die. Pick up a lot of stuff so your bank doesnt completely get cleaned and you might need some of the items later on.

    If you have any questions about anything Deadman mode related, just pm me (TheKill) and we'll get you on the way. Happy scaping!
  2. Tanning dragonhides and crafting cannonballs is also great, easy money!
  3. I've decided to power train runecrafing since most people are wanting magic, it's a pretty risky one since people are camping the altars so I'm going slow with 200 ess per time, I'll start to make money and such once I hit the higher runes
  4. thanks iv only just started deadman recently and i cant seem to get past like level 50 without being killed by some ass
  5. Bowstring are always high in demand so you could pick flax
  6. Sounds good might have to try these :)
  7. Really helpful thanks man, i'm going to start that myself too
  8. Sound like a good techinique. Definetly theiving can give you a boost

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