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Discussion in 'Money Making Techniques' started by LÖRS LÖRS, Apr 3, 2015.

  1. Killing Qbd is easily one of the best constant moneymaking methods in the game.
    Requirements for efficiently doing QBD are:60 summoning(this is the only requirement needed to acces qbd), ~90 Defense and ~90 att&str, magic or range, at least lvl 80 weapons, 85 herblore for super antifires. Also completing the quest Song from the depths dramatically reduces the damage you take while fighting her.
    If you can get 20 kills an hour you will make ~3,5m and it's not even hard to get under 2 minute kills which would make it over 5m an hour. To get the fastest kill times one needs tier90 weapons.
  2. What is your preferred weapon? I personally use drygores but Ive heard that staffs and even the royal crossbow are really good
  3. I prefer drygores just because i learnt to qbd with them but most people seem to use dragonbane bolts/arrows with t90 range
  4. Yup yup, same thing I've heard
  5. I really need to learn how to boss her... i can do maybe 2 kill and after i can't xD I don't deal enough dmg
  6. ive used drygores then tried Ascension crossbow with off chaotic and dragon bane bolt,ive found the bolts seem to be easier way but drygore was faster for me sub 2 min vs 2:10 fastest with bow also Dont go cheap on food try for a kill with a couple food left then die, banking takes a min and shes easy to get back to
    and plz bless graves i remember the early panic as i was learning her when i died a bless makes you take a breath and heart rate down as well
  7. It may be easy but like you said you need high tier weapons. Which are expensive so....not very good for people who dont already have 100m bank
  8. Might give it ago!
  9. QBD is good. I'd definitely reccomend using dragonbane bolts if you have them. take way less damage and kills seem faster to me
  10. Dragon Bane bolts help so much ! I use full armadyl with Royal crossbow and get 4-5min kills :D
    Good money maker I have to say..

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